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Petty Details We Love – Spring Beauty!

Colossal has done it again!  They continue to bring the most beautiful detailed works of art to light and their website is full of a million more where this one came from.  Take a close look at what I think is the most beautiful thing springtime brings – Butterflies!  Their post is the Petty Detail we love today!

Spring Comes In Like A Lion

You can see amazing macro shots of butterfly and moth wings shot by Linden Gledhill that look digitally produced featured on their site this week and the work is definitely worth bragging about!  If you need a dose of colorful inspiration, check out their post and daydream a while about spring meadows filled with wild flowers, bird chirping and babbling brooks at your feet.

butterfly wings petty details we love

Before you snap out of your dreamy state…

I wanted to offer a little gift that changed my life a few years ago – the gift of meditation!

meditation challengeIf you are at all curious, you should try out this free 21-day meditation challenge offered by Oprah and Deepak Chopra.  I haven’t stopped meditating since I started with the Creating Abundance challenge and this one focuses on “Finding Your Flow”.  It’s a great way to ease into seeing if meditation works for you – I know it has done wonders for my anxiety and stress working as an entrepreneur working to change the world!



Namaste People!

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