Loss of Use Claims

Loss of use is different in each state but in most states, many people overlook this claim and it could make a substantial difference in your property damage demand amount. Case law on Loss of use in Texas states that you are entitled to recover the amount of money you would have had to pay to rent a vehicle that is of like quality and kind as your auto during the time that you were deprived of its use.

Unfortunately, insurance companies routinely try to avoid paying a fair amount for your loss of use damages, and my experience says they don’t routinely train adjusters on the case law method of calculating the amount of a loss of use claim.

More info coming soon but you can read Justin’s latest article on loss of use here – and go ahead and submit your case for review with the form below or use our diminished value form (which asks for loss of use info) if you think you have a DV claim you want reviewed!