Property damage issues for your injured clients can feel like as much of a pain as the bodily injury itself!  We’re here to ease the pain of the property damage so your firm can focus on getting the injury claim settled!

Only the best firms have experts that help their clients with property damage issues.  If you do help or want to start helping your clients with their property damages, we definitely have services that can add value to your firm! 

Using Petty Details as your property damage consultants allows you to refer your customers to the best property damage experts available for real help solving even the trickiest auto property damage losses.  We are a value-added service for firms like yours who want to provide the very best service to their clients by choosing property damage consultants who maintain that same standard. 

We treat your clients like accident victims, not like paychecks.   We are not pushy salespeople; we tell the truth and help however possible in each situation.

Almost every accident victim asks about their property damages

You know how it is.  They’ll ask about some or all of these: towing & storage fees, rental car costs, repair problems or their total loss offer, to name a few, and they may not even know if they have a diminished value claim that’s worth pursuit!  If they have talked to so-called experts on their own, opinions are all over the place.

As your property damage experts, we can answer all of those questions and more!  By providing initial consultations about your client’s property damage claim for free, we’re able to find customers that may need our official assistance with a formal appraisal, or your office may find value in our administrative support services during the course of us providing this free consultation service.

How does our service help you?

Takes admin time off your hands – We fit into your process and mold into what you need as a property damage expert – We offer the most economical and rock-solid evidence to prove property damage claims – We have the expertise to back our products!

With Petty Details, you get:

Expert appraisals, conference calls, expert consultations, custom rebuttals (if another expert gets involved) & written responses from an expert point of view to insurance company response letters.

How Does Your Service Work?

When you submit a case through our website, we review the details of your submission and propose the best product and tactic for each case, and we strive to keep the economics of pursuing the claim at the forefront of any plan for the sake of the client. 

Once we look at your claim, we will reach back out with a proposed plan and cost or we will reach out to the owner directly to discuss, depending on your in-house process.  Billing can go directly through the client or billed to your firm and we take payments conveniently online or via check/mail.

See how we can help your firm – check out our products and services on the below with links to submit your assignments.

Full Diminished Value Appraisal: $500*

Appraisal developed using Congressionally approved USPAP appraisal standards. We need damage estimate for review. If car has under 10,000 miles, we also need a purchase invoice or window sticker.

*Classics and Exotics/High End Luxury Appraisals have an extra cost associated with them

*Prior Loss Assessment: $100

This is simply an additional charge to assess a prior loss when a prior damage history is known to exist or is revealed during the course of producing the appraisal or settling the claim.

*Need prior loss and current damage estimate for review.

Custom Rebuttals: $100/hr

Our experts review responses and other expert reports and puts together a custom rebuttal.

*Cost of rebuttals is $85 but, if more time is required that would incur an extra charge, we will predict that before beginning the project in order to give cost.

Fair Market Value / Total Loss Appraisal: $550

Appraisal developed using Congressionally approved USPAP appraisal standards.

*Need valuation for review

Appraisal Clause Service:  $550

Is there a dispute on the value of your client’s vehicle on a first party total loss claim (against their own insurance company)?  If so, we can review the offer and evaluate if invoking the appraisal clause is a worthy option on their case.

Specialty Inspections: $250*

*Subject to change due to case specifics and additional mileage charge may apply depending on location.

Special cases pop up that need an inspection.  We can help you get that done as your property damage experts.  Contact our office to assign a specialty inspection.

CALL US AT (214) 227-2154 and press 1 to talk to our experts!