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How can we help you

We help accident victims.

After an auto accident, it can be a confusing time when everywhere you turn, you get a different answer. We tell you the truth about your claim and how you can recover your losses the most effectively and information is always free at Petty Details, LLC!


We help attorneys, consumers, insurance companies, agents and industry professionals put a real number on their diminished value claim using the USPAP to point to for methodology.  You need an appraisal that will stand up against the arguments.  We are one of very few across the nation that can provide that to you.

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Total losses are commonly met with low offers based on settlement tools that are inaccurate.  As expert appraisers, we review total loss offers and help pinpoint the areas where the report got it wrong and give you the tools you need to negotiate for a more accurate settlement.

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For total loss claim disputes, vehicle owners have the ability to invoke the appraisal clause with their own carrier if they do not agree to the value being offered.  As expert appraisers, we routinely act as an official appraiser after the Appraisal Clause is invoked to help facilitate a fair settlement.

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We look at your claim for FREE!

We think that you should know what you're fighting for, whether you want to know how much diminished value your vehicle has suffered or if you need to know if that total loss settlement is giving you a fair shake.

Our experts will review your claim at no cost to you to find out if it is worth getting an appraisal.  You can't beat free expert help, can you?

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Real Success.

You need an expert that uses rock solid methodology to develop an appraisal that can help you get a fair settlement on your claim.  We strive to be honest, fair and helpful when putting our two cents in on any claim.

Whether we work for attorneys, individuals or an insurance company, our clients aren't shy about singing our praises.

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Austin N. – Dallas, TX

“Thank ya’ll so much for all of your help on my appraisal clause case.  You guys were awesome to work with on my total loss and, if I hadn’t met you, this situation would have been terrible.  I appreciate everything you did for me.”

Austin N. – Dallas, TX
Lisa G. – Dallas, TX

"I can't believe I finally got a settlement the day before my court date!  It was a long fight but I am so thankful to have you guys on my side.  Without your help I would have never collected my $5,000!  Thank you Petty Details!"

Lisa G. – Dallas, TX
Amber D. – Litchfield Park, AZ

“I am so happy that I found an attorney that helps with property damage and that they work with you guys!  Your expertisehelped my attorney make the right demand to collect the $3,000 I was owed after my auto accident.  You guys are the best!”

Amber D. – Litchfield Park, AZ
Ed D. – McKinney, TX

"Making a claim with an insurance company for diminished value seemed daunting and complicated. Petty Details explained the process and likely outcomes.  Once I agreed to the service, they provided me with an appraisal and made this process easy on me. The outcome was very close to what was predicted and I know the results were much quicker and more substantial than if I had tried to do this on my own."

Ed D. – McKinney, TX
Darwin – San Antonio, TX

"I was really worried about going against a rental car company to try to recover my diminished value because I had heard horror stories.  With the help of an appraisal from Petty Details and their expert knowledge, I ended up getting what I thought was a fair diminished value settlement of $7,500 and I am super happy with my experience and the help I got!"

Darwin – San Antonio, TX
Scott T. – Dallas, TX

"I couldn't believe it when my claim got settled after one call with Justin on the line to talk about his appraisal!  I got my claim settled at just over $7300 and it was the best money I ever spent getting the help of Petty Details.  My body shop sent me his way and I can't thank them enough!"

Scott T. – Dallas, TX

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