When you get into an auto accident, what do you do next? You call us, that’s what!

Whether you have a possible diminished value claim and want to find out what your claim might be worth or have a total loss and feel like your offer is low, we can help!


Diminished value can be a tricky subject and you might get tons of wrong advice no matter who you turn to. We pride ourselves on being the BEST experts you can find and we keep our costs economical so you can afford the BEST help.

Since we consult attorneys across the U.S. on all types of property damage issues, you can be sure that when you’re researching the topic, all roads lead to Petty Details! We guide you with answers throughout the process and the best appraisal money can buy to help prove your loss.

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Total loss claims can be a BEAST to deal with when you aren’t an expert in property damages. That’s why we are here to help!

For a third party claim (against the at-fault party’s carrier), we can evaluate your vehicle and produce a market value appraisal to show the real value of your vehicle to use as a tool to nail down the right value on your car. This can also be used for someone who wants to document the value of their vehicle for other purposes (normally on a classic car or specialty vehicle).

On first party claims (against your own carrier), we can evaluate your offer and find out if it is worth invoking the appraisal clause to get your claim settled fairly with an expert at the wheel. Click here to learn more about how the appraisal clause can benefit you!

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