Do your clients total loss settlements often come up short, even after GAP coverage kicks in?

Even when your customer has GAP coverage, if the insurance company offers a low total loss settlement, they could be left with an outstanding balance to pay off their auto loan.

With Petty Details on your side, you can help that customer recover the money they may be leaving on the table with our appraisal clause service on total loss claims against their own carrier.

By referring your clients in this position to experts like us, you help your client prevent being stuck with an outstanding balance and can help them get into their next car and create a customer for life!

About the Appraisal Clause

Petty Details can step in on your client’s behalf as their expert appraiser and work to get a fair value on their total loss.

We review the case for FREE to see if it is a claim that we think is worth invoking the appraisal clause on and talk with your client about best options to recover a fair amount on their total loss.

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