We work with auto accident victims, attorneys, body shops and industry professionals to get claims resolved from start to finish.

Whether you’re dealing with your own total loss or trying to get one settled, we can help!

If you’re the accident victim, you might need help proving the value of your vehicle after an auto accident if there is an argument as to how much your car is really worth and you can find contradicting information all over the internet.

You might be an attorney with a client that needs to know if their offer is fair or an adjuster that wants a great expert on their side to help them get the claim settled once and for all.

At Petty Details, we know how insurance claims work and we’ve helped victims, attorneys, shops and insurance professionals all over the U.S. put real values on vehicles after a total loss and we can help you too!

diminished value


Our Market Value Summary Report is the best way to find out the value of a vehicle from an expert appraiser. We research the market and document the real vehicle value for you and answer any questions you might have in a consultation with the expert. You can get expert help today by ordering your report for just $185.00!


If you’re an accident victim, you might need our help as your independent appraiser if you have an issue with the offer being made on a total loss by your insurance company. If you’re an attorney, we can help your clients look at their offer to see where we think the value is and if they need our help.  If you’re an adjuster, we can serve as your independent to help move the claim to resolution quickly and professionally.  Cost is just $385* and we work across the U.S. so hire us to be your appraiser today!

“The insurance company was stuck on a number they provided me for weeks and indicated that they are not interested in moving. Petty details got involved and the offer moved from $6700 to $7500 and I was able to negotiate and extra $500 in order to settle. Petty Details was there to help with any questions and provided much needed advice.”

Robert H. – Wylie, TX

“Justin is clearly an expert in the field. He did a phenomenal job and was successful in negotiating a far better value with my insurance company for my totaled car than I even expected he could. Jen makes the whole operation run seamlessly and was always a delight to talk with. I can’t say enough good things about them!”

Anna W. – St. Louis, MO

“I highly recommend Petty Details for your Diminished Value and Total loss Claims. Jennifer and Justin are very knowledgeable and can guide through this extremely excruciating process to make this smooth for people like me who have not been through this.  They also carefully weigh in different options depending on every individual situation. They are very prompt in communication and follow-up.”

Doug H. – Dallas, TX

“This company is awesome. Jen and Justin were a huge help and if it wasn’t for them, I never would’ve received the payment I did from the insurance company. They genuinely care about helping their customers. I will recommend them to everyone I know.”

Frank I. – Seldon, NY

“I highly recommend Petty Details for your Diminished Value and Total loss Claims. Jennifer and Justin are very knowledgeable and can guide through this extremely excruciating process to make this smooth for people like me who have not been through this. They also carefully weigh in different options depending on every individual situation. They are very prompt in communication and follow-up.”

Siva K. –  Allen, TX

“Jen and Justin simply rock. I called them, discussed the DV case. Sent Payment. Got the package, Sent it to the insurance guys. Got exactly what I had asked. it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Couldn’t be happier. End of story.”

Juniad K. – Gainesville, VA

We take an individual approach to helping accident victims.

We like to start out our claims process with a free total loss consultation to allow us to look at each claim based on it’s own merit and decide the best way to move forward unless you are the type of customer that knows what they want!  

Sometimes the right answer right be all you need!

Most of the time the people who come to us are in need of our expert help but we aren’t pushy salespeople.  We will present you with the facts and give you your options based on our years of claims experience and knowledge.

Whether you hire us for the job or not, the FREE total loss consultation is ALWAYS FREE and we won’t stalk you afterwards.

Well, not too much. 🙂

Don’t just give your credit card out to any so-called “expert”!  Do your research and ask the hard questions.

We are available for a free total loss consultation if you just fill out the form below and let us review it!

We pride ourselves on being helpful and available so test us out.  If you call into our office, please note all of our calls are recorded for training purposes.

Fill out the form below and submit your vehicle valuation so we can take a look and give you our honest opinion about your claim.

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Diminished Value Of A Car And A “Loss Of Value” Claim: The Definition

This is a trickier question than it may seem. Let me start by providing a general definition:

Diminished Value:

The amount of value lost on any item of value due to a change in the condition, age, or demand associated with the item.

Now, as it relates to the value of a car, diminished value is defined in different ways and there are different types of diminished value.

As used in most insurance claims litigation, diminished value is defined as:


This definition is simply another way of saying that diminished value is simply the cost of repair. This may be well true, but if you further describe the type of diminished value by adding the words “residual” or “inherent” or “repair related” or “process related” then you have a whole new definition.

For the purposes of most people, the only type of diminished value they will be concerned with is the inherent or residual diminished value that their vehicle sustains following collision damages and repairs.

This type of diminished value is based upon the fact that a damaged and repaired vehicle is not as desirable as a vehicle of the same make and model and options that has not been damaged and repaired.

Less desire = less value

I think anybody that understands the concept of supply and demand will agree that this analogy is sound.

So, now you know what diminished value is, but now how do you get compensated for it if it has affected you?

Simple! You need to document your loss and demand payment for your damages! Most people enlist the services of an expert appraiser in the area of diminished value. If you need assistance or more information on your diminished value or loss of value claim, remember that information is always free at Petty Details, LLC and we will provide you with a free claim consultation to see what your claim is worth today!

Advice On Insurance Claims And Auto Accidents

This article is based on my 15 years of claims adjusting experience. I have developed a simple little formula that will help you decide if you need an attorney or not.

Keep in mind, this quiz is tailored for auto accidents only, and I make no warranties or guarantees that your result is a foolproof answer. Ultimately, the only person that can decide if you need an attorney is you. With that being said, simply answer the following 15 questions and then add up your answers.

 All of these questions are yes or no questions. Whatever answer you have the most of is your answer to the title of this article.

  1.  Is your automobile newer than a 2005 model?
  2.  Is your vehicle one of the following – a Lexus, BMW, Mercedes or Audi?
  3.  Are you younger than 35 years old?
  4.  Did you take an ambulance to the emergency room from the scene of the accident?
  5.  Were there any witnesses (other than your passengers, friends or family members) that saw the accident occur?
  6.  Was the accident someone else’s fault?
  7.  Were there more than two vehicles involved in the accident?
  8.  Did you or any of your passengers bleed as a result of the accident?
  9.  Have you had 2 or less auto accidents in your lifetime?
  10.  Have you already filed a claim and spoken with an insurance adjuster?
  11.  Did you lose any time from work as a result of the accident?
  12.  Do you believe that staff adjusters at an insurance company are paid to settle claims for as low of an amount as possible?
  13.  If you suffered $5000.00 in damages to your vehicle, didn’t take an ambulance, but did incur over $2000.00 at a chiropractor’s office, do you believe your total claim is worth at least $10000.00?
  14.  Do you agree that it is true when a vehicle sustains damages to its frame that it should be totaled?
  15.  Do you agree that even a low speed rear-end impact can cause a low back disc herniation?

I hope you wrote your answers down! If you didn’t, go back and write them down this time! (hehe) Now, just add up the yes’s and the no’s. Whichever answer has the highest number is the answer to the question “Do I need an Attorney?”.

Good luck with your claim!

Unfortunately, we can’t.

In our reports, we have to certify that we are a disinterested third-party that has no stake in if your claim is paid or not.

Therefore, we charge a flat fee up front and give great follow up service after our report is delivered to help you come to a conclusion on your claim!

YES!  We are able to help clients in any state.  

If you hire us to help you, we don’t need to inspect your vehicle unless there are special circumstances.  In those instances,  we use an inspector from our trusted network of professional appraisers to perform an inspection and use that report to supplement our report.

We are available via phone and email to discuss your claim and help you move to resolution.