Justin Petty, Founder & President

Justin’s career began over 20 years ago in Insurance Claims & Subrogation Recovery but he always dreamed of using his knowledge to run his own company.

In 2009, he took the leap and created Petty Details to fill a void he saw in the claims industry.

Since that time, he has focused on Diminished Value and Total Losses and has created a name for himself helping courts, attorneys, insurance companies, adjusters, and consumers obtain the information they need to understand appraisal standards and the very niche subjects of inherent diminished value and total losses.

Jen Petty, Co-Founder & Marketing VP

Before helping launch Petty Details, Jen had a 10-year career in media in the 5th largest market in the U.S. and worked with high level sales and marketing executives in the Radio industry.

As Marketing Director for Petty Details, she helps run the day-to-day operations and client management.

You Must Be The Change…

We are subject matter experts in the insurance claims industry who saw a need and decided to start a company back in 2009 to take on the niche market of Diminished Value and Fair Market Value (aka Total Loss).

Since opening our doors, we’ve seen thousands of claims and are setting standards on how diminished value and total losses are evaluated and settled.  

By offering our clients the answers they are looking for up front for FREE, we develop a personal connection with everyone we work with.  Our products are unmatched and our results are out of this world!

We believe that if you have the knowledge, it is your duty to help! That’s why we do business with transparency in the spirit of providing true help and answers to your insurance claims questions totally FREE!

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