Auto Leasing Companies

Auto leasing companies have a huge opportunity to provide their clients with an edge when they partner with Petty Details.

We provide your company true property damage experts that can help recover diminished value or combat low offers on total losses.

With our help, your company can get expert help with:

  • Diminished Value Assessment and Recovery Management
  • Total Loss Audits / Negotiations and Short Pay Management
  • End of Lease Services including Inspections / Excessive Wear & Use Assessments, Wholesale Appraisals, “Realized Value” Appraisals & Dispute Resolution

Everyone knows the key to building anything effective is to start with a sturdy foundation and that starts inside your walls.  You  must be quick to implement a process to gauge which claims are worth fighting on and which are better to get closed down.

Petty Details excels at claim resolution by:

  • Knowing next steps in the claim process
  • Filling in the missing information (with reports and letters)
  • Guiding the claim through the most common roadblocks and bottlenecks in the resolution process

We can help your company put processes in place to quickly act on potential and recover diminished value or higher settlements on total losses to bridge the gap for your clients.

You strive to give your Lessees superior customer service and we can help you go above and beyond after an auto accident to create customers for life!

Want to discuss how we can best help your company?

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