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We level the playing field and are the go‐to experts for help with diminished value, total losses and appraisal clause issues ‐ basically all things property damage!

We have attorneys standing by that WILL TAKE property damage only cases where there is no injury and that is EXTREMELY rare.

All you have to do is direct them to us! Send your clients to this page to fill out the form below and we will talk to them about their claim and figure out the best next steps for them.

Its a win all around – you have a free property damage expert in your pocket and we get to expose the truth about how claims work and spread the word about the great work we are doing!

Hear what our clients sent to us from body shops are saying about our services:

“Park Place did a fantastic job on my repair, but I needed help with my options on how to recover Diminished Value and didn’t know where to turn. I’m so happy my shop knew a real expert appraiser that could help me on this confusing topic – I just got my check for $3000!”

Ron R.

“I’m so happy Details, Ltd referred me to Petty Details for help with my Total Loss!  I was getting a low offer from my insurance company and they helped me invoke the appraisal clause and get a fair value on my VW. With their help, my settlement went from $7,600 to $9,800!”

Glen H.

“I can’t thank Snell Collision enough! After I got my car repaired, they gave me the number to Petty Details to see if I had a Diminished Value claim.  I’m so glad they did because I just got it settled for $6000 and I wouldn’t have even known I was owed that money if it weren’t for the shop looking out for me!”

Scott L.

We’ll help you create customers for life!

Full Diminished Value Appraisal: $500

We review the claim for FREE! Reliable expert documentation of lost market value (diminished value) and our promise to attend any trial on the matter as expert witnesses. *Classics, Exotics & High End Luxury vehicles will have an additional cost.

Fair Market Value / Total Loss Appraisal: $500

Appraisal developed using Congressionally approved USPAP appraisal standards that measures the market value of a vehicle.

Appraisal Clause Service:  $550

Is there a dispute on the value of your client’s vehicle on a first party total loss claim (against their own insurance company)? 

If so, we can review the offer and evaluate if invoking the appraisal clause is a worthy option on their case.

Other services we can help your shop with:

  • Loss of Use & Rental questions
  • i-CAR / ASE procedural questions
  • OEM vs. Aftermarket questions
  • Attorney Referrals
  • How to argue with CCC, JD Power/Mitchell, ADP valuations, etc.
  • Expert Witness Court Testimony

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