We work with auto accident victims, attorneys, body shops and industry professionals to get claims resolved from start to finish.

Whether you’re an accident victim, attorney, shop or industry professional, we can give you the RIGHT answers and expert evidence to prove your claim!

If you’re the accident victim, you might need help proving the lost value of your vehicle after an auto accident and repair so you can make a claim with the best expert help.

You might be an attorney with a client who needs to know if they are owed diminished value or an adjuster that wants a great expert on their side to help them get the claim settled once and for all.

At Petty Details, we know how insurance claims work and we’ve helped victims, attorneys, shops and insurance professionals all over the U.S. put real values on vehicles after a vehicle is damaged and repaired and we can help you too!


COST: $500*

Our Diminished Value Appraisal is put together by our experts and is a rock-solid way to prove a diminished value loss.  Whether you are an accident victim, an attorney, insurance adjuster or industry professional, this appraisal is our most popular product with anyone trying to prove the REAL amount diminished value that a vehicle has suffered.

Our appraisals conform to the USPAP standards and are backed by our expertise and knowledge of the process and cost is just $500.

*Classic and Exotic/High-End Luxury Appraisals do not fall into this category and have an additional cost.

expert help

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We take an individual approach to helping accident victims.

We like to start out our claims process with a free diminished value consultation to allow us to look at each claim based on it’s own merit and decide the best way to move forward.  

Sometimes that is by just giving some answers.  

Most of the time the people who come to us are in need of our expert help but we are not pushy salespeople.  

We will present you with the facts and give you your options based on our years of claims experience and knowledge. Whether you hire us for the job or not, the FREE diminished value consultation is ALWAYS FREE and we won’t stalk you afterwards.

Well, not too much.  🙂 Don’t just give your credit card out to any so-called “expert”!  Do your research and ask the hard questions.

As a matter of fact, you can find the hard questions answered on our diminished value page:

What do I look for in a diminished value report?

How do I know you’re a true expert?

What are the steps to filing a diminished value claim?

If your expert can shed light on all of these topics and make you feel good about them, as well as help you throughout the entire process and discuss diminished value and methodology to help you prove your claim, you should hire them!  

Most companies don’t…but we do!

We are always available for a free diminished value consultation if you would rather call our offices at (214) 227-2154.

Simply call and leave us a message and you’ll have us on the phone in no time!

We pride ourselves on being helpful and available so test us out. 

*Please note calls are randomly recorded for training purposes.