What is the difference between an adjuster, an estimator and an appraiser?

This is a commonly confusing topic that Justin constantly has to clarify for people inside and outside of the insurance industry.

You would think it would be fairly simple to distinguish the difference but the insurance industry blurs the lines on this topic and fails to train their employees on the very important difference between these three positions.

Justin is setting the record straight today in an article he previously published on LinkedIn that we thought was worthy of posting here again on our site.

Are you ready for some truth bombs?

Click here to read all about this topic and the problems that confusing the 3 postitions poses!

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  • Hi there, I’m having my first taste of this, because it’s the first time I’ve needed to lodge a claim. I lodged the claim on my insurer’s website, where they listed their approved repairers, and I booked my car in for Tuesday of this week. I thought in my innocence that I was booking the car for repair.

    Person A took lots of photos, and told me he was an assessor but not actually the assessor who’d be handling my case. But he’d give all the photos and notes to Person B, who’s the assessor for my insurance company.

    Person B has looked at it and has decreed that it needs to be seen by an assessor. Wait, what??!?!? Isn’t he an assessor? Nope, he’s an estimator. *sigh*

    They want me to bring the car back in next week but can give me absolutely no idea when an assessor will look at it. I’m beyond frustrated, and this is just the start of the process!

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