Breaking Story: Arizona Department of Insurance is Protecting Big Insurers at the Expense of Accident Victims!

January 15, 2015By Justin Petty



The only way to remedy unethical and unfair behavior is to expose it to the entirety of victims that it affects in the hopes they will stand up to the bullies.  It is a shame that those in power seem to have a propensity to abuse it (crony capitalism anyone?).  To that end, I hope this article reaches many victims and their legal counsel, and that at least some of them take a stand with me and demand action from their representatives at the State.


Arizona Diminished Value Claims & Small Claims

January 15, 2014By Justin Petty No Comments

How to file Arizona Diminished Value Claims

diminished value claims in ArizonaFor Arizona diminished value claims, there is case law that is exactly on point. It is a case styled “Paul Oliver v. James Henry”.  A Google search will surely land you with a copy of the case, or you can request a copy directly from my office and we’ll send you the full case for free. That case law says that a vehicle owner can hire an expert appraiser to document the lost market value due to damages, and that an expert appraisal or testimony is sufficient evidence. This means that if you want to recover your Arizona diminished value claims, then the quality of your expert is really the thing that matters most.

Does that answer all your questions? I didn’t figure it did. Let’s break it down by the most frequently asked questions after learning that diminished value in Arizona is supported by law. (more…)