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Scares & Startles are the Petty Details We Love today!

Through the years of being a couple, Justin and I have shared some hearty, gut-busting laughs at the expense of others or each other (mostly Justin laughing, me getting scared) through scares and startles and we have passed that love down to our dear son.  This morning, Justin got a great laugh at my expense again during a short meeting and that inspired me to make scares & startles the Petty Details we love for our post today!

These days, pranks are constantly used to make products go viral but I guess it doesn’t make it any less funny.  There is a plethora of material on youtube and you could get lost for days watching unsuspecting victims get the scare of their life but I think the most entertaining videos you watch again and again are those you set up yourself that include your loved ones.  We have quite a library of scares we’ve caught on camera through the years and most of them involve Mika from a young, tender age of 2 so we thought we would share our FAVORITE.  Mika had a small obsession with the Big Bad Wolf for most of his life so we used that to our advantage and teamed up to get a cute little scare on video – check it out below!

Nature Scares & Startles

Most often, nature and animals are involved in great startles so we have picked out a couple of our favorites to brighten up your day as well!

Bird Attack

when nature attacks

I love me some Real Housewives of any city and this sweet little bird got caught in the reunion crossfire of Orange County and went for the most impact with it’s scare:  Andy Cohen’s silky salt-n-pepper hair!  Click the photo to see this hilarious video!

I Feel Faint

nature scares

If you haven’t ever seen the video of the fainting goats, it is a scene NOT to be missed that ensures ENDLESS entertainment!  Animal Planet did a whole segment on them and why they faint so we included this video full of petty details! Just click the photo!

Justin’s Tips for Great Scares & Startles

Since Justin is the master of scares & startles in our household, he came up with his Top Scare Tips to help you develop your scare skills and maybe you’ll be the one that makes the next viral video…if Justin doesn’t beat you to it!

1.  Misdirection:  Best for loud sound pranks

This would be like throwing something to make a sound in another area so the victim won’t see the prank coming or even the oldest trick in the book, “Hey, look over there” before pulling the prank.  You could also misdirect their attention to something else by starting a conversation on a topic you want them to think about in preparation for your scare.

2.  False Clue:  Best for insect or animal scares

Ask a question that invokes the picture of a creepy crawly such as “Hey, where’s the bug spray or fly swatter?”, as soon as they look away, pitch a lightweight small object at the victim.  It helps if it is a stringy or hairy object.

3.  Eyes & Sound:  Best for flying insects and falling object scares

Look somewhere that the subject can’t see and make a gasping sound (generally right above them is a good place to look), then proceed to screaming and ducking yourself.  Make sure they are looking at you when you initiate.  Can also be used with the leg lift if looking at the ground behind the victim. To do a proper leg lift, while looking down and behind the victim, turn slightly sideways, lift one knee up and put one hand down like you’re blocking a charging animal;  terrified facial expression helps.

4.  Stealth & Patience:  Best for masked or paranormal scares

You must sneak like a ninja warrior to get in position if you are attempting a jump out or grab move.  Watching the subject carefully for when they’re not looking sometimes requires planning on paper and team work. Practice your tippy toe-ing and don’t step on objects like leaves, sticks or squeaky toys that may make noises.  For paranormal scares, you must remain hidden and use soft, moaning sounds.  Stay hidden at all costs.  Later, mention to the victim that you heard the same noises and saw items move then felt a chill to your bones.  For masked scares, use an abnormal gait (ex: large limp, one hand on the ground, a slight crooked gallop) when you approach the victim and don’t be afraid to charge quickly as that will make the most impact.  Remember, you have a mask on!

Two Scare Tactics Justin loves to Rely on

The Lie & Wait

scare tacticThis requires the most patience and careful planning of timing.  Find your moment to hide somewhere with little traffic but where you know the victim will be coming back to and hide in the shadows.  Wait until the victim barely sees you out of the corner of their eye to make your move.  Squatting down is a good move because it is hard to tell what you really are.  BONUS SCARE:  Reach out for them or touch their leg lightly for a good jolt.

Old Reliable

scare tipsThe Aggressive Dog Bark.  Works on dogs, cats AND people and even a high-pitched bark will work.  Always great for a laugh and for extra affect, hide around the corner on your hands and knees and bolt out at the victim while barking.


Once you get really advanced, you can combine multiple tactics to get a great scare on video.  Example:  Lie & Wait / Eyes & Sound / False Clue with a plastic roach bug.

Scare The Ones You Love

To wrap up, we think it’s the most fun to scare the ones you love and that is why we had to share our favorite scares and startles to get you over the hump today!

NAMASTE, People!

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