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Fill out the form below and attach your damage estimate if you have it and leave the rest to us!  If you don’t have it, we can still talk about your loss but it makes it a lot more informational for you if we can look at the line-by-line damages.

About our Free Claim Consultation

Normally if you are researching diminished value or total losses, you need help finding answers and that is what we do.  You will need an expert on your side and we at Petty Details are here to help answer questions and show you the best way get your claim settled.  

We’ll tell you your diminished value claim value AT NO COST TO YOU.

You will also get our FREE DIMINISHED VALUE GUIDE and FREE SAMPLE DEMAND LETTER to help you make your first demand if you prefer to DIY it and make a demand before getting an appraisal.

That’s right – no obligation, just answers!

We’ll run some numbers and give you a call to make sure you understand:

  1.   Your rights
  2.   What you are owed
  3.   How to fight for it

*Please note that all of our calls are recorded for training purposes.

Talk to our experts about your claim and get a FREE Diminished Value Guide!

Get specific answers to your questions in your free consultation with one of our experts then you can dig down deeper on the topic with our Free Diminished Value Guide!

In this FREE diminished value guide, we provide resources and answer even more of your questions about diminished value and how to pursue your claim.

Whether you are just starting your research or have gotten lost in the internet clutter, this guide will be the only thing you need to read to make your decision on whether to pursue your possible dv claim.

Find answers to diminished value topics like:

  • First Party vs. Third Party Claims
  • Getting a ballpark figure for Diminished Value
  • How to make a demand
  • How to find an expert and issues you may run into.

Get Expert Help with your first diminished value demand with our FREE Sample Demand Letter

When you talk to our experts during your free claim consultation, we’ll tell you a ballpark number as to how much we think your diminished value claim is worth so you can make a demand that is right on the money!

Get our expert help making an initial demand with our FREE Sample Diminished Value demand letter. We’ve already figured out the right thing to say so take advantage of our knowledge and use our sample letter to get the process started on your claim.

Download our FREE ebook “How Much Is My Injury Claim Worth?” 

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We get questions all of the time on this subject so we decided to put it all into a book to make it easy on you! 

Find out answers from an experienced insurance claims expert on how to determine how much you should be asking for when making an injury demand on your own claim. Although we don’t give legal advice, folks with smaller injury claims find our information helpful to get their claim settled with as little hassle as possible!