Our Diminished Value Appraisal is put together by our experts and is a rock-solid way to prove a diminished value loss.  Whether you are an accident victim, an attorney, insurance adjuster or industry professional, this appraisal is our most popular product with anyone trying to prove the REAL amount diminished value that a vehicle has suffered.

Our appraisals conform to the USPAP standards and are backed by our expertise and knowledge of the process and cost is just $350.


The Market Value Summary Report was developed for accident victims, attorneys and adjusters who need to prove the value of a vehicle after a total loss or for personal records.  We use market data and research to put a value on your vehicle using the USPAP methodology and offer our expert knowledge to back it up.

This report is just $350 and is an effective tool to use in total loss negotiations and other situations where the value of a vehicle is in question.


When there is a dispute regarding a vehicle’s value on a 1st party claim, you need the help of an independent appraiser that uses sound methodology and data to find the real value of a vehicle.  We routinely step in when the Appraisal Clause is invoked to help resolve disputes between a carrier and an individual.

Cost of this service is $435 and once we are hired, we take over as your independent appraiser to attempt to get your total loss settled.

Diminished Value

Total Losses