IT IS COMING! ! ! Watch for the WORLDWIDE RELEASE of a comprehensive new e-book that details the industry of auto claims!

If you ever wanted to know how a total loss is calculated, or what the adjuster is taught in preparation to take their license exam, or even if an adjuster has to be licensed, or how an insurance company determines what to charge you, or if that small accident is going to affect your rates and why, or how to avoid your rates from increasing, or how a salvage lot works, or who is really in charge in the claims department, or what the real adjuster’s rules are, or how insurance companies find such “shady” individuals to be adjusters, or that obscure case siting that supports your unusual accident scenario or . . . or. . . . or. . . . you get the idea, right?   This book is comprehensive from beginning to end and covers more than the average person would ever want to know about automobile claims, automobile insurance, automobile adjusting, and everything related to those subjects. . .I assure you that after you read it, you will want it by your side if you ever have to deal with an automobile claim.  From how to negotiate with the “hardnosed” adjuster, to insider tactics that claims executives would never tell you.  It’s almost like I’m that guy in the black mask revealing all the “secrets” behind the best magic tricks around.

Auto Accidents – An Insider’s Commentary is coming soon!  It will only be available for purchase directly from Petty Details, LLC.  Watch for the release before the end of 2009! !  It’s going to generate a lot of talk in adjuster’s circles, and I’ll probably never be able to get a job as an adjuster with an insurance company again!

Written by Justin Petty (the rugged, intelligent adjuster, ha!)

Yes sir, officer, well you see. . . I was testing out my new “turbo-boost”
button, you know, like Night Rider’s, me and my dad built it, but anyway. . .
here’s what happened. . . . .

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