Well, it is now 2010.  Is the world gonna end in 2012 like the Mayan calendar implies?  If it does, I hope that the next two years are as fruitful as 2009.  During 2009 my family ventured into the world of business management and ownership.  It has been hard, but rewarding.  We have been able to help quite a few individuals successfully negotiate an equitable settlement in their insurance claims.  We have helped clients who had plumbing leaks that were denied multiple times by their insurance company, but Petty Details, LLC got involved and their claim was paid within 20 business days.  We have helped individuals recover as much as $5000.00 on diminished value, and we have forced many insurance companies and individuals to live up to their responsibility and do the right thing.  All in all, 2009 was a great year. 

In 2010, we hope that our name becomes more recognizable within the diminished value and claims auditing industries.  We strive to treat our customers and clients like people.  We will go out of our way to let common sense rule the day.  Politics have no place in our office and reason rules.  If it is the right thing to do, we do it.  Follow us as we grow larger and share more of our successes.  If you are a friend or family, remember that we are here if you happen to be unfortunate enough to be involved in a catastrophe, auto accident or any type of insurance claim that is causing you grief.  If you’re not a friend or family, become one!  Call us or drop us an e-mail if you have a question or just want to get some information about insurance or automobile damages.

Make the best of your 2010, we will!


  • Happy New Year! In 2010, I would like to begin shopping for new insurance rates. Any suggestions? I know that it is a personal choice of risk, etc… but would like to find the best time/economic way to shop around. Also, would you have any recommendations on what to steer clear of in your honest opinion and maybe some highly suggested options?

  • You hit the nail on the head as far as it being a personal choice. I know that I lean towards fast and simple online companies. The laws regulating claims are the same for every insurance company in the same State, so no worries there. I would personally look to Esurance or some similar type of company. They can eliminate much of the time related to getting quotes. Your other option is find an independent agent you can trust and let them do the legwork for you. I hope this helps.

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