Recently, the Texas legislature enacted a law that abolishes the Small Claims Court in Texas.  There are a few articles on the web about it, but for the most part, nobody noticed!  After researching the subject matter (thanks to Hal Monk), I found the amended rules.

Luckily, the rules aren’t too bad, and for practical purposes, the small claims court in Texas will still be available, but now it is officially a subset of the Justice Court, and there are now formal rules you can refer to instead of the limited guideline that the former Chapter 28 of the Texas Government code provided.

download our free diminished value guideOne might think as a proponent for self justice that I would oppose this change, but I think it will make the rules more clear and it leaves in the important parts (in my opinion), which are:

  1. Limiting pretrial discovery to that which is considered fair by the judge.
  2. Allowing one (person or corporation) to select their own method of representation, with or without an attorney
  3. Allowing for relaxed rules of procedure where the judge is still in charge of developing the facts. . .

I’ll provide the full new law to anybody that seeks me out and asks for it. . .

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