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Location: Seattle, Washington

After buying a report for her Volkswagen diminished value claim from one of our large competitors who makes it to the top of all the Google searches, Amy found herself helpless when her 2012 Volkswagen diminished value claim was denied.  She started to research for herself which led her to our site where she signed up for a free claim consultation.

Volkswagen Diminished Value – Help From A Real Expert

Already in the hole hundreds of dollars after purchasing another report, she decided to let us write a report and show her how diminished value is done!  We run into this situation quite often because lots of other experts will write you a diminished value report after taking hundreds of dollars and then disappear when the denial rolls in.  That was Amy’s case and she was immediately told that she needed an attorney to win any money on her Volkswagen diminished value by her so-called “expert”.  She had taken a big hit on value on her Eos Komfort Convertible and couldn’t find an attorney that would help.

She found us just in time to help her take control of her Volkswagen diminished value claim and we stuck with her through the process.  After some back and forth with the adjuster using our report and knowledge, she got her claim settled and she said her adjuster was very nice about it.

Amy had a lot to say after her win:


LOL, OK so she said more but you get the gist…. We’ll mark that down as another success story after a small battle to get her money back after losing the value of her vehicle at no fault of her own!


Get your claim started today with our free sample diminished value demand letter.

We work with accident victims, attorneys, body shops and other professionals all over the US to help prove diminished value and get settlement with professional expert help.  Anyone can come up with an official-looking report – it’s the service after the fact that really sets us apart! 

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