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Justin is really into this Everyday Carry and Pocket Dump sensation so I told him to lay it out there!

Pocket dumps are all the latest rage so I made him empty his pockets and here is what his very organized and survivalist-minded pockets held:

  • Swiss gear front pocket wallet you can find at Target
  • The Pen Project from Huckberry – MUST HAVE from a cool deal site you have to sign up for but its totally worth it! Geared mostly towards men and survival.
  • The trusty Copper Zippo – Got this free at a bar YEARS ago and everyone tries to steal it!
  • The tool logic credit card tool kit – haven’t been able to find this exact one online but there are similar products here.
  • The cardsharp folding safety knife found here.
  • LG Spectrum
  • The Leatherman Kick
  • LAST BUT THE BEST! The freekey keyring with survival fob and split pea stainless lighter from Huckberry

What’s in your pockets? What can you NOT leave the house without?

You can find an assortment of pocket dumps at this website Everyday Carry – there you will find pocket dumper perfection and find products you may not be able to live without!

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