diminished value. Infiniti G25

Location: Dallas, Texas

Carl had an $8000 repair on his 2012 Infiniti G25 after he was rear-ended in an auto accident and he was looking for more info on Diminished Value.  He couldn’t find an attorney to help him with a property damage only claim and he was stuck until an attorney helped him find us.  After reviewing his claim, we formulated our opinion at around $5000 for his Infiniti diminished value claim.

Diminished Value – The Game

As is what seems normal procedure, Carl was given a low offer of $2800.  Justin got on the phone with our client and called the insurance company along with him to discuss the Infiniti diminished value and how they were coming up with their opinion.  It took a couple of calls but they eventually went up some on their offer and Carl decided to settle, a little lower than he had wanted, but with a $3400 check in hand!

” I could not be more happy with their service, all at a very reasonable cost!”

– Carl S.

More from Carl:

Free Diminished Value Guide“Petty Details is completely awesome!  They provided me with an appraisal of the diminished value of my car after an accident, that was compliant with the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice (USPAP).  Prior to the appraisal, the insurance company refused to give me a dime even though I have a 1-year old Infiniti that sustained about $8,000 in damages, including frame and structural, in the accident.  Petty Details made calls with me to the insurance company, and they stick with you until you have a check in your hand.”

If you need someone to help with your property damage claim, whether it be diminished value or a total loss, call us or have your attorney call us!  Information is always free at Petty Details, LLC!

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We work with accident victims, attorneys, body shops and other professionals all over the US to help prove diminished value and get settlement with professional expert help.  Not just anybody can produce a credible and professional report AND help with navigating the claims process to conclusion.

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