diminished value, BMW, 2013

LOCATION: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Norman signed up for a free claim consultation through our website after doing his own research and getting an initial offer on his BMW diminished value claim of around $3000.  Hit by a drunk driver, he was having a hard time proving the amount he was owed, but he was SURE it was more than he was being offered.  His practically new BMW now had an accident history and he would pay for it as soon as he walks into any dealership to trade.

“Really want to tell you how much I appreciate your assistance and guidance. With your help, I was able to nearly triple the settlement amount that I was initially offered!”

BMW – Diminished Value Claim Success!

Norman isn’t the only person we’ve helped after getting a low offer on their diminished value.  Many times, clients with luxury vehicles come to us after a wreck because their investment has been hugely affected by an auto accident.  Getting a fair offer isn’t always easy without expert help because there isn’t much info out there on how to figure out what you’re owed.  We help people with vehicles of all classes and year models get a settlement they are happy with every day.

214-227-2154We work with individuals and attorneys all over the US to help prove their diminished value and get settlement.  Anyone can come up with an official-looking report – it’s the service after the fact that really sets us apart! 

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