Total Loss Due To Flooding? How Victims Can Fight A Low Offer by Invoking the Appraisal Clause

Prove a point on your total loss due to flooding after Hurricane Harvey with the Appraisal Clause

If you’re a victim of the recent flooding in South Texas and have a total loss due to flooding with your carrier, you should call our office immediately and make sure that any offer you get is fair and reasonable.

Now that South Texas is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Florida and Georgia brace for the impact of category 5 Hurricane Irma, victims will undoubtedly be dealing with total loss claims in exponential numbers and they need to know that insurance companies routinely handle these claims in a very dogmatic manner. The biggest tactic is for a carrier to simply refuse to negotiate. They will simply tell you, “take it or leave it”. They like to claim that they do not have the authority to negotiate outside of their captive company market reports.

This is completely untrue.

Unfortunately, most insurance adjusters are brainwashed by training that tells them how it is, and then they simply regurgitate the same brainwashing mantra given to them by their superiors.

The standard personal auto insurance policy in Texas contains an appraisal clause, and that clause is typically very vague. The good thing is that there is case law precedence that clarifies many of the questions that arise when either the insurance company or the policyholder invokes the clause.  Simply put, the appraisal clause is meant to get two independent appraisers to discuss and attempt to settle the value of the loss. The point is to get two people that don’t have a dog in the fight to discuss the value of the claim and see if they can come to a meeting of the minds.  Simple, right?

I’ll Pretend I Didn’t Hear That

As simple as it sounds, most insurance companies refuse to acknowledge the point of the appraisal clause like a first grader plugging their ears and throwing a tantrum. A lot of times, they will attempt to name themselves (an employee) as their own appraiser! It sounds silly, but the fact is they do it. The reason they do it is because they can. Most people simply give up when their insurance company bullies them. If you knew that you could simply steal from somebody and, even if you got caught, the most that would happen is that you’d have to give back what you stole, the only thing stopping you from stealing would be your good nature.

Trust me, insurance companies are not “good-natured”.

They are in the business of profit.

Even when a savvy victim is able to find good help on their total loss claim, the insurance company still makes profit because there are not enough people giving out good help at an affordable price when it comes to dealing with a total loss due to flooding (or any total loss claim for that matter). Attorneys will shy away from total loss claims because there is no money in them. Unfortunately, most attorneys also work for profit alone (although we have searched high and low and have managed to locate some of the good guys across the U.S.).

You must be willing to fight.

Profit or Principle?

Of course, I talk a big talk, but anybody with a brain knows that I must make money to stay in business. I do charge for appraisals if they are needed, but I primarily work on the principle of the matter. I fight so they will have to pay what is owed to the people that have been paying premiums! That feeling of elation when I prove something that most don’t believe can be done is good payment, and it makes word of mouth referrals easy to come by.  In fact, even though I do charge for appraisals when they’re needed, I routinely help people with their case for free, just to prove there is somebody who will and I ALWAYS review cases for free up front to help victims devise a plan.

Insurance companies just can’t figure out how somebody does it. That’s because they are not honest and work for money!

Those dishonest carriers who are out for profit will never figure out the trick (and they are the majority). Only honest insurance companies (yes there are a few. . . Met Life. . . Amica. . ) use my services because they are alright with getting the truth – not just the truth according to them.   The vast majority of insurance carriers hate me and I am OK with that.

Doing The Right Thing

The basis of our mission at Petty Details, LLC is to pay attention to the details and do the right thing.  We think everything else will fall into place if we focus on the simple and seemingly petty details (like doing the right thing). Insurance companies refuse to do the right thing.  Their mission is to make money by putting in place profitable claims handling guidelines and forcing their staff to abide by them.

I’ll tell you the truth whether it means you are getting free help or not.  Just call my office and we’ll discuss your claim and options. If I don’t have the answer to your question, I know somebody who does. Sometimes the answer sucks, but we stick to our guns and information is always free at Petty Details, LLC.

Call us now at 214-227-2154 or use our form below to request a TOTALLY FREE consultation with me personally to discuss your total loss due to flooding or any other reason!


OFFICIAL OFFER WAS OVER $7000 LOW ON A 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT

Hey guys!  It has been quite a while since we had time to post on our blog because we’ve spent our year so far helping tons of accident victims get a fair shake when dealing with diminished value and total losses.

We’ll start today with our latest success on a little known power you have against your own insurance company (1st party claim) if you have a total loss:


Even if you know about the appraisal clause, it doesn’t mean it will be effective for you since most insurance companies have their own idea about how the appraisal clause works (even though it is in black and white in the contract) so you have to have an experienced expert that knows the rules and how to navigate the process legally.  We have inside knowledge that the appraisal clause is on top of everyone’s mind working inside the claims department because it is costing them a ton of money to defend the practices of their uneducated adjusters.

The requirement that appraisers and umpires be “disinterested” is something that the insurance companies purposely and habitually fail to recognize.  The two appraisers working the claim must be totally disinterested.  Their concern should be about the TRUE VALUE of the loss.  It isn’t YOUR SIDE VS. THEIR SIDE.  It is NO SIDE VS. NO SIDE!  Insurance companies try their hardest to maintain control of the process and many times they will name one of their OWN EMPLOYEES as their “appraiser” hoping you don’t know any better.  Until you call them out, they will PRETEND that is how it works.  It isn’t and, if you want to prove it, have them call our office and we’ll school them, like we routinely do.


Dan contacted us because he felt the offer on his totaled 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Texas Edition was extremely low.  Once we reviewed, we confirmed that the offer was THOUSANDS too low. We helped him invoke the appraisal clause under his policy and navigated the claim to a proper conclusion.

One phone call is all it took folks – one phone call and invocation of the appraisal clause corrected the offer and ultimately the two totally independent expert appraisers agreed to over $7000 more than the original offer!

Let me say that again…


If you think you think you are getting a low offer, then this should show you the value of invoking the appraisal clause.  It is highly valuable to hire a true independent, honest and disinterested appraiser!

We hope you don’t delay in contacting our office if you have a total loss dispute. You would be shocked at how often invoking the appraisal clause causes an insurance company to make a more accurate offer.  We make a living telling people the truth and insurance company adjusters make a living following the rules that their boss gives them so they don’t get fired.  Invoking the appraisal clause takes the “yes-man” adjuster out of the mix and puts the power in the hands of two totally independent professionals who don’t have a dog in the fight.

Don’t waste another google search trying to figure out what to do!  Request a consultation on your total loss today absolutely free and see if you can be the next to get on our list of appraisal clause wins like our friend Dan!

Drop us a line!