How To Sue The Insurance Company Over A Wreck

September 15, 2012By Justin Petty No Comments

how to sue

I truly cannot tell you how many times a claimant threatened to sue the company when I was adjusting insurance claims.  All insurance adjuster learn pretty early on that a person will have a hard time trying to sue someone else’s insurance company for bad claims handling, so never was I ever worried when a third-party claimant threatened suit.  In fact, I hoped that they tried so they would learn a lesson.  Just the fact that they threatened it made it known to me that they had no clue how to fight with me.

Now that I am a private claims consultant, it is still one of the most common questions I get from individuals who are upset about the way they are being treated by an insurance company.  If you’ve found this article by searching the internet for “How to sue an insurance company” or some variation, then you are who I am trying to reach.  Please continue reading, the following information is 100% true.