Older Vehicles Can Have Diminished Value, Can’t They?

April 30, 2013By Justin Petty No Comments

do older vehicles have diminished value
Are you joking?  YES!

Seriously, I sometimes get the feeling that some people just don’t understand how life works, and that causes them difficulty in discerning ordinarily easy facts to observe.  Our mission statement at the office is “We are here to prove that paying attention to details and doing the right thing is the key to success in business and in life.”  I understand that we can always argue semantics about what is the right thing, but this article should at least demonstrate some of how I think as well as shed some light on how to determine whether an older vehicle has any lost value due to a collision and repair that is worth pursuing.

I assume if you found my blog, you don’t need a definition of inherent lost market value, so, let’s take an older car example and go with it. . .