window to the soul

Petty Details We Love

We know you’ve heard the saying “The eyes are the window to the soul” and this artist used colored pencils to help us visualize just that.

We follow a blog called Colossal because they focus on the details that make things really beautiful in our life and today’s post focused on Texas-based graffiti artist Redosking, who draws super-realistic images of eyes.  The petty details are really what makes his art so beautiful – the pores of the skin, the eyelashes, the pictures within the eye.  Check out Colossal’s blog post here with more drawings!  See even more of his gorgeous work on his Instagram page – it’s worth a follow for sure!

Being detail-oriented is one of those things that not all people are born with.  I (Jen) tend to be more haphazard and creative when I work while Justin has everything on his desk in a perfect square angle and he plans, plans and plans while I fly by the seat of my pants at times.  I have definitely learned through the years to pay more attention to details because of our business but I think you are born with it or you aren’t.  What’s that other saying? “Practice makes perfect” – guess I will continue to practice!

Justin is a more technical writer, while I enjoy the creative side so I will be featuring a post each week based on petty details that make our world fun, beautiful and worth living to add a little pop of color to your life each week.  A little something happy to keep your week flowing on hump day!  This artist Redosking has done some beautiful detailed work and makes it look easy and that is why his work is the focus of “Petty Details We Love” today!


Jen Petty