is diminished value a scam

Is Diminished Value A Scam?

As the marketing director, I do a lot of search term and keyword research to make sure auto accident victims find us when they do their research online and recently I saw a couple of searches asking “is diminished value a scam” and even searching “petty details scam”.  For a moment, I was almost mad at the computer seeing our name paired with the word “scam” because of how passionate we are about our work but then I realized – they’re just like me!  I know I would be searching that same thing if we were thinking of hiring expert help in a very niche-y subject such as diminished value from someone online.

The Truth About Hiring A Diminished Value “Expert”

Truth is, there are a lot of people who WILL take your money and pat you on the ass with a good luck and a see ‘ya after they deliver their report.  We’re not one of them, but we clean up behind them ALL OF THE TIME!

out-of-businessThe most recent horror story we heard was that a client’s attorney hired a diminished value expert who took their money and never even delivered a report, after acting as if they did.  After months of nothing happening, the attorney tried to contact the “expert” and they had gone out of business!  Luckily, they were sent our way at the referral of another law firm whose clients have had success with us and we’ve begun to get the case on the right track.

Highway Robbery!

I can totally see how accident victims and attorneys who have dealt with this very situation would walk away thinking diminished value is just like highway robbery!  We are in the business of proving that diminished value is NOT a scam and that our clients get their claims resolved before we step out of the picture.  It’s bad business for a diminished value company to write a report and cross their fingers that the victim will get settlement then tell them to get an attorney if they get a denial.  Real experts can walk you through the process and make sure you don’t get taken and sometimes it takes a fight!

diminished value guideJustin wrote a great article a while back about what to look for in a diminished value report that you should really read if you have found this post.  I hope this helps you decide for yourself whether to hire expert diminished value help and maybe you’ll at least let us take a look and shoot you straight on how much your claim is worth and whether it is worth it to pursue!

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