What can you do with an adjuster’s license?

September 8, 2009By Justin Petty 1 Comment

If you are wondering what you might be able to do with an adjusting license, you are not alone.  Outside of being a desk adjuster for an insurance company (a pretty good option for a lot of people as one can earn upwards of $50k per year after just a short while in the industry), … Read More

Texas Driver License Suspensions

September 3, 2009By Justin Petty 2 Comments

Why can’t people just look up the law on their own?  I cannot figure out why some people can’t help themselves.  I guess that is why I exist, hehe. Really though, if you are getting calls or letters from an insurance adjuster or subrogation specialist, you would do yourself good to follow my articles on … Read More

Texas Diminished Value Claims

September 1, 2009By Justin Petty 18 Comments

Where do some of these “diminished value experts” people get off? I agree that insurance companies are not so inclined to pay diminished value, and people sometimes get dollar signs in their eyes when they are involved in an accident that is not their fault.  The reality is that diminished value exists, but it is … Read More

Adjuster Inexperience

August 30, 2009By Justin Petty No Comments

  During my years as an insurance adjuster I came to realize that most insurance companies hire inexperienced adjusters to handle most of the smaller property damage claims that come through the doors. When I first started adjusting insurance claims, the best pay I could find was $22K per year, and when I started adjusting … Read More

Free Help

August 28, 2009By Justin Petty No Comments

Why is it that people can’t do a little research on their own? Resources like my website and many others are out there to help people with almost any problem. Laziness is not a virtue, hehe. Get a free consultation today on your claim and get the answers you have been searching for!

Critical Thinking

August 26, 2009By Justin Petty No Comments

Critical thinking is a skill that I believe everybody needs to master. Some people just don’t have the capacity to think in a critical manner, but for those of us that do, the tactics involved can help to resolve all types of problems, including insurance claims. I recently wrote and article about critical thinking as … Read More

Used Vehicle Taxes

August 22, 2009By Justin Petty 2 Comments

Did you know that if you purchase a used vehicle, the tax office will calculate the value of the vehicle and charge you taxes on their value and not what you paid for it (unless you paid more than their value comes out to)? If you want to get around this, contact an adjuster and … Read More