My Attorney Says They Don’t Do Property Damages?!

attorneys and property damage

When dealing with another person’s insurance company for an accident, many attorneys will simply tell clients that they do not get involved with the property damage part of the claim and that includes diminished value and total loss settlements. In fact, MOST injury attorneys practice this policy on third party cases.

Why do they say this?

Well, normally it’s because there is no way for the attorney to make any money handling the property damages AND make sure the victim gets all their property damage money. Injury attorneys normally do a favor to victims by working on a contingency (normally 1/3 of any settlement), so that means they do not get paid up front, but only when there is a settlement and payout of damages. They don’t have to do this, and an average (not super attorney or specialist) will make at least $150.00 / hour if they bill by the hour. It is a courtesy to work on a contingency, and a bet that your claim will settle at a high enough amount to make it a worthwhile pursuit.

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Breaking Story: Arizona Department of Insurance is Protecting Big Insurers at the Expense of Accident Victims!



The only way to remedy unethical and unfair behavior is to expose it to the entirety of victims that it affects in the hopes they will stand up to the bullies.  It is a shame that those in power seem to have a propensity to abuse it (crony capitalism anyone?).  To that end, I hope this article reaches many victims and their legal counsel, and that at least some of them take a stand with me and demand action from their representatives at the State.

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BIG Loopholes in Uninsured Motorist Claims Exposed

UM claims exposed

As a veteran adjuster and automobile damage claim litigation specialist, I have seen countless claims where the at fault party is unknown.

No problem if you have uninsured motorist coverage, right?


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Tow Trucks, Taxis, & Rentals, Oh My! Commercial Vehicle Claims

 How To Deal With A Diminished Value Claim Against A Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy

During my auto claims career I have dealt with hundreds of claims that stemmed from the negligence of a commercial vehicle. In particular, three types of claims are most common: Claims involving rental vehicles, taxis, or small freight / towing truck companies. In most cases, if one of these commonly self-insured entities has caused you damage, then you’ll have a very difficult time recovering your damages.

Here’s an example of what you could run into . . .

Diminished value claims against commercial vehicle

I currently have a case on the books where my customer’s vehicle was damaged because a towing company failed to secure an item that was on the bed of a tow truck. The item fell off causing over $7K in damage and lost value to my client’s vehicle. The tow company’s risk manager told us that he would not pay for damages, and that my customer would have to sue. Then, he said if the customer won the suit, he still would simply never pay the judgment.

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We’re Baaaaaaaack! Welcome, 2015!

We know…its been a while since we last posted and there is good reason for that!

Let’s get caught back up on happenings since we have been gone:

Summer was on fire and our son was Flounder in the local musical theater production of The Little Mermaid!  Here is a little taste of our local musical theater star in action:

Movin’ On Up!!

With over 5 years under our belt, we have been growing like wildfire and more attorneys, consumers and insurance professionals than ever are approaching us for help getting justice on diminished value and total loss property damage claims.  We have been working closely with several attorneys that are helping our clients settle their claims when the insurance company they are pursuing sticks their feet in the mud with a low offer or denial.

Christmas PettysWith our growth we face new challenges and work every day to perfect our processes and every new year gives us a chance to grow as humans and business owners.  We are excited at the opportunities we have in this new year and have a goal to post more info than ever before to help you find answers you are desperately googling for when it comes to the confusing insurance claims process because we know there aren’t many folks like us out there that will freely give you the RIGHT answer.  We are proud of our business and can’t wait to see what this year holds and we thank our family, friends and clients who have made us what we are today!

Here’s to a 2015 that ROCKS for all of us!


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