Choosing A Body Shop: What To Look For

February 4, 2015By Justin Petty 1 Comment

If you’ve been in an automobile collision, after the initial shock and if the vehicle is not a total loss, the first thing to do is to determine where to get repairs done and get the vehicle there. Most people simply take their vehicle to a dealer facility or a body shop that is suggested by … Read More

My Attorney Says They Don’t Do Property Damages?!

January 22, 2015By Justin Petty

When dealing with another person’s insurance company for an accident, many attorneys will simply tell clients that they do not get involved with the property damage part of the claim and that includes diminished value and total loss settlements. In fact, MOST injury attorneys practice this policy on third party cases. Why do they say … Read More

BIG Loopholes in Uninsured Motorist Claims Exposed

January 13, 2015By Justin Petty

As a veteran adjuster and automobile damage claim litigation specialist, I have seen countless claims where the at fault party is unknown. No problem if you have uninsured motorist coverage, right? Wrong! Click here to read the rest of the article and find out important facts you need to know about your Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage … Read More

Tow Trucks, Taxis, & Rentals, Oh My! Commercial Vehicle Claims

January 6, 2015By Justin Petty

 How To Deal With A Diminished Value Claim Against A Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy During my auto claims career I have dealt with hundreds of claims that stemmed from the negligence of a commercial vehicle. In particular, three types of claims are most common: Claims involving rental vehicles, taxis, or small freight / towing truck … Read More

We’re Baaaaaaaack! Welcome, 2015!

January 6, 2015By Jen Petty

We know…its been a while since we last posted and there is good reason for that! Let’s get caught back up on happenings since we have been gone: Summer was on fire and our son was Flounder in the local musical theater production of The Little Mermaid!  Here is a little taste of our local … Read More

Happy Birthday to US!

May 4, 2014By Jen Petty No Comments

WE’RE FIVE YEARS OLD TODAY! After sailing through our day as normal, something was pulling at me all day so Justin and I started discussing when we opened the business and pulled up our LLC Formation paperwork and low and behold, today was DEFINITELY a special day for us!  We have put five long years … Read More

Scares and Startles – The Petty Details We Love!

April 9, 2014By Jen Petty No Comments

Scares & Startles are the Petty Details We Love today! Through the years of being a couple, Justin and I have shared some hearty, gut-busting laughs at the expense of others or each other (mostly Justin laughing, me getting scared) through scares and startles and we have passed that love down to our dear son. … Read More

There’s No Such Thing As Diminished Value

April 1, 2014By Jen Petty No Comments

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DIMINISHED VALUE Taken directly from adjuster training school handbook Here are some samples from the actual handbook that explains exactly why you are crazy if you believe in diminished value, especially as an adjuster (personal vehicles excluded, of course). There is no such thing as diminished value – we’ll … Read More