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Do you have questions about loss of use? Fill out the form below so we can take a look and give you our honest opinion about if you have a claim and what your claim is worth.
Loss of Use Claims

We take an individual approach to helping accident victims.

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We like to start out our claims process with a free consultation to allow us to look at each claim based on it’s own merit and decide the best way to move forward.  

Sometimes that is by just giving some answers.  

Most of the time the people who come to us are in need of our expert help but we are not pushy salespeople.  

We will present you with the facts and give you your options based on our years of claims experience and knowledge. Whether you hire us for the job or not, the FREE consultation is ALWAYS FREE and we won’t stalk you afterwards.

Well, not too much.  🙂 Don’t just give your credit card out to any so-called “expert”!  Do your research and ask the hard questions.

We are always available to call to set up a free consultation if you would rather call our offices at (214) 227-2154.

Simply leave us a message if you don’t get a live person on the phone and we’ll get back to you in no time!

We pride ourselves on being helpful and available so test us out. 

*Please note calls are randomly recorded for training purposes.