Diminished Value Success really is sweeter than candy!

Robert found out how effective our products are by proving his diminished value loss with our one page DV Analysis.  We only use this product when the expert suggests it but Robert’s case was the reason we created this product!

Ain’t gonna lie….his case was risky.

Diminished Value Claim Overview:

Low damages resulting in a low DV claim against a trucking company.   Lots of things working against him on this claim but our DV Analysis helped him attack his claim with expert guidance right from the start and an appraisal based on sound methodology to make a demand with.

The Claim Details:

robert c diminished value

Robert drives a 2016 Ford F-150 4×4 XLT SuperCrew and lives in Florida.  His damages were about $1100.  We always cringe a little when we talk to folks in this situation because, typically, low damages on a truck doesn’t turn out to be very economical when you are talking about the expense of an appraisal.  Nonetheless, Robert wanted to make a demand with expert help on his diminished value claim to see what he could get.

We suggested our one page DV Analysis to help him make a demand while not shelling too much out for proof.  We always help our clients through the process and sometimes that can drag on for months.  We sent him his appraisal and not even two weeks later he emailed us that he had done it!  He had gotten the full amount on our DV Analysis appraisal from a TRUCKING COMPANY!  They are notorious for being hard to deal with when it comes to claims!

What does Robert have to say?

“I wish to thank you for your assistance in this matter.  Today, I received a release and settlement of Property Damage letter from ***** Trucking Company with Full Compensation of $1652.00 to be paid!

Again thank you for the help, I was surprised that they didn’t fight paying diminished value, even with the appraisal you sent me that I submitted.  I guess now I just have to wait for them to send me a check…hopefully it won’t be too long!”

Robert C.

Expert Help When You Need It!

It just goes to show that having an expert on your side pays off!  There are a few automated reports on the web that frustrate us because we get calls from folks who have gotten them and don’t know what the next step is after making a demand if they are denied or given a low offer. 

If you buy an appraisal, make sure there is someone there to back up their numbers, not just a piece of paper to point to with a number on it!

Want our expert appraisal and the promise to help like Robert got?