Our free total loss claim consultation can make you money!

True stories about how our free total loss claim consultation can make you money!

We talk to a lot of people from day to day and many times, Justin has to tell people who call the hard truth that it might not be worth spending money but sometimes, with just that one call, he can help you make decisions that could make you money in the end!  There aren’t a lot of experts out there talking about total losses so Justin decided to share his experiences with some of our clients with you good people researching about how to get your total losses settled.

This is from one of our clients, Rosa.  Here is how the story started…

Rosa was one of the lucky ones who found us early and requested a free total loss claim consultation through our website and used the Ask The Experts feature to send us a question.  Here is was what she sent:

I have sent you the CCC Report from the insurance company, which seems to be about $1000 lower than what it should be for our vehicle (KBB valued our vehicle with mileage at $5141). In addition to the higher amount, I would like to know if it is fair to request that the adjuster also include a higher amount for the tires, as we just purchased a new set of (warrantied 60k) Michelin tires on 6-5-2015 for the amount of $626.63. If so, what is reasonable given the mileage on the tires is 2,457 miles?

Thank you.


Justin had an informative conversation with Rosa and explained all of her options but also explained that it wasn’t worth spending money on an appraisal on her case.  A previous total loss on the vehicle really put a kink in arguing well.  She understood and we sent her a sample demand letter to fight against the CCC on her own a little.

Rosa went to fighting on her own and then sent us this very kind message:

Dear Mr. Petty:

I want to thank you for speaking with me and providing me your assessment of the insurance company’s 1st Offer based on CCC of $4136.75.

We did our homework on the internet for the market value of our vehicle and even though our vehicle had been totaled prior to my purchasing it in 2008, it was in excellent condition inside and out and had no mechanical issues out of the ordinary. We attached 2 proofs of comparable vehicles on 9/14/15, respectively $6632 and $6950. We kept it simple and to the point.

We were ready to go the distance if that became necessary. However, we’re glad they saw that there were just no vehicles in their price range as a comparable. (And if there were any, they were in very poor condition. Yes, we went to see a 2004 Honda Accord with leather for $4495 at a nearby car lot. One word: Terrible.)

The Claims Representative was out of the office until today. We are very happy with their Final Offer of $6,678.72. A full $2541.97 over their original offer.

Again, thank you as it kept us focused on achieving a fair and just settlement.

Rosa C.

A Free Total Loss Claim Consultation Really Does Help!

Melva called and she was trying to wade through the confusing weeks that follow a car accident  She was injured, stuck in limbo, and not sure if her car would be totaled or not.

Here is Melva’s story in her words:

total loss claim consultation

Hi Justin,

Better late than not at all! I just wanted to send my experience with the Odyssey auto accident and how you were my incredible blessing in spite of the hardship.

It has become really obvious in recent weeks the power of knowledge. After being in a rear end collision at the end of February, I was anxious, concerned, and worried about the damage to my vehicle and how this car would be handled, not to mention the physical aches and pains that emerged two days after the accident. I was in unknown territory and even felt like a foreigner in a new country who didn’t know the language of insurance and legal jargon related to an accident.

Questions that immediately followed the accident on a chilly evening as the sun was setting: How does this all work? Who did I need to call first? Will this situation be handled fairly? Am I really still going to be driving this damaged car again that had the whole hatchback caved in and windows busted out? All I knew to do without knowing the answers is to seek information my searching the web.

Fortunately, the call I made to an attorney led to an expert for property damage claims, Justin Petty. You could tell right away that he was caring, very knowledgeable, and really wanted to help people who are not familiar with the insurance world of car accidents. He talked with me over the next few days for about 3 hours combined for no charge. Justin empowered me like a blessing from heaven to know the answers. He coached me in what steps to take and in what order, what questions to ask, and how to fairly solve this problem with the best outcome. It took some grit on my part to stand up for my rights but I would have no rights if I had not gained the knowledge. Even though I experienced 13 weeks of physical therapy, the accident turned out to have a really great outcome with my car being totaled in the end and buying a new car that is bigger than the last car to ensure more safety.

Thank you Justin and Petty Details!



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