Loopholes in UM Claims Exposed

As a veteran adjuster and automobile damage claim litigation specialist, I have seen countless claims where the at fault party is unknown. No problem if you have uninsured motorist coverage, right?


There are some important facts required by the fine print of your uninsured motorist coverage that must established before your coverage will protect you.

Recently, an accident victim took their story to NBC 5 News in Dallas when the insurance company didn’t respond to their claim as expected. The victim was severely injured by a part of a spring suspension that was ejected from an unknown vehicle, not to mention that her vehicle was severely damaged. When the claim was filed by her husband (she was in the hospital clinging to life), it was promptly denied under a little known portion of the policy that requires actual contact between two vehicles.

You can read all about the story here.

The Loopholes

So here are three examples that will usually not be covered (unless the adjuster makes a mistake). . . .

Example 1:

A trucker comes over into your lane and you have to move over to avoid being run over, but in the process you get slightly off the road and your tire blows out causing a chain event of damage. This is not covered by uninsured motorist coverage.

Example 2:

A pickup in front of you is hauling a couch and hits a big bump in the road causing the improperly secured item to fall off and bounce right into your vehicle. Any damages you have are not covered under uninsured motorists.

Example 3:

A friend takes your vehicle out and has an accident ramming another vehicle because they were texting. Your friend does not have insurance coverage. This is not covered by your uninsured motorists.

In addition to proving contact, there must be a police report filed for uninsured motorists coverage to take effect. Right now, we have a case where there was contact according to the police report, but the insurance company is simply alleging that there is not enough evidence of contact and is denying the customer the uninsured motorist benefits for which they have already paid. This further victimizes the policyholder.

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