So what is body shop steering?

Does it really happen?  

How do you know if you’re being steered?  

Anderson Cooper at CNN just did a story on lawsuits that are being filed against huge insurance companies who continually dictate what is repaired on vehicles after an auto accident.

This video is worth watching until the end!


 Are You Being Steered?

After most people are involved in an automobile collision and they’ve got their claim filed, if there was no injury, they have to deal with the damage to their vehicle.  

Most of the time it goes something like this:

Adjuster:  “Hello, Mr. Victim?  Yes, this is Jimmy Krukurn with Big Boys Ins. Co, we’ve seen the vehicle damages, and the good news is that we can have it repaired!  

The bad news is that you’ll have to go down to the body shop and get the process started.  If you want to use a different shop, just let me know, but the shop we have in line will go get the vehicle from the pound and store it for you without any charges, plus, the rental car company is right on site and we guarantee the repairs with that shop because they are on our preferred list.  

We also won’t have to worry about arguments with the shop about supplemental damages.  If the shop finds additional damage that our inspection missed, they will just automatically fix it!  

But again, you can pick another shop if you like.  Now if you say so, we can just get the process going and we’ll call the shop and have them coordinate with you.  

Are your ready to do that?”

Victim:  Um, okay?

Sound familiar?

If you’ve had a claim, I bet you’ve had a very similar conversation.

The problem is that the adjusters really think that all these things are benefits to the customer, when in reality they are benefits for the insurance carrier.  

I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it again now:

If you let a “preferred shop”, also known as a “DRP Facility” repair your damaged vehicle, then you will not be in the loop on vital decisions that have to be made regarding the type and quality of repair to be done.

Always pick a shop according to sound principles and common sense, not based on what an adjuster tells you will be fast and easy and awesome for you. . . it won’t, believe me.

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