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Get Help With Diminished Value

get help with diminished value

Petty Details’ experts help with diminished value and other property damages.

We work with auto accident victims, attorneys, body shops and other claims professionals to get claims resolved from start to finish.

Has your car been wrecked and repaired?   Was the wreck someone else’s fault?

After you are put in an unfortunate situation like an auto accident (especially one that you didn’t cause), some argue the value of your car is the same after repairs.  We all know the desirability of your wrecked and repaired vehicle is clearly different.


At Petty Details, we know how insurance claims work and the techniques that are used to successfully recover diminished value better than any other provider out there and we have helped recover diminished value all over the U.S.! We have local appraisers all over the country that help us help you, no matter where you are. There is no risk because you get a free claim consultation before the process is started to make sure your claim is worth your valuable time.

Below, you will find these resources to help guide you:

  • Form to request a Free Claim Consultation
  • Link to download our FREE diminished value guide
  • Links to articles to help you find the real answers!
  • Diminished Value success stories
  • Product Overview: RDVA, USPAP & APPRAISAL CLAUSE

How Much Is Your Diminished Value Claim?

free claim consultation

Normally if you are researching diminished value or total losses, you need help finding answers and that is what we do.  You will need an expert on your side and we at Petty Details are here to help answer questions and show you the best way get your claim settled.  We will tell you your diminished value claim value AT NO COST TO YOU.

That’s right – no obligation, just answers!

Just fill out the form over on the right and attach your damage estimate and leave the rest to us!  You can also find out more here on our free claim consultation page!  We will run some numbers and give you a call to make sure you understand your rights, what you are owed and how to fight for it. (Audience roar sound effect goes here)

You can also call us to set up a free consultation at

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Diminished Value Success Stories

Diminished value success is not hard to come by, you just have to have the RIGHT EXPERT!  We help tons of accident victims and attorneys move their diminished value claims to resolution with our free answers, diminished value appraisals and service during the claims settlement process.

Click on the images below to read more about clients with diminished value success stories and the challenges they dealt with!

2013 Kia Sorento Diminished Value Award: $3,000!
Diminished Value on an Infiniti G37 – Award of $7500!
2012 Audi A6 Diminished Value Success!
Chevy Malibu Diminished Value Award – $1000!
Honda CRV Diminished Value Success!
Fiat Diminished Value Success
Ford Mustang Diminished Value Claim Won $7,000!
2013 BMW Diminished Value Award – $9,000!
Ford Expedition Diminished Value – Awarded $9K!




Want your own diminished value success story?

You’re not alone!

You can get a free consultation today and find out what your claim is worth.  Get on the phone with a real expert who can answer the hard questions and prepare you for the fight!

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USPAP Diminished Value Appraisal

$250 + $35 admin fee

* This report is used for claims valued $1650 and above.

diminished value appraisalWe know insurance claims and the techniques that are used to successfully recover diminished value better than any other provider. Additionally, we hold over 17 years evaluating vehicle values and damages and know what is happening on the inside at the insurance company. This is more than we can say for a lot of the “experts” that you may find by doing a Google search on diminished value claims. We have had many customers buy ANOTHER diminished value appraisal from us after getting one of their unsubstantiated reports.

If your case ends up in front of a judge, you need to have a credentialed professional to back up your technical evidence on your diminished value claim. Petty Details, LLC prides itself on the specialized knowledge, training and experience we have for successfully documenting diminished value claims. In addition to the quality and acceptability that comes from getting an appraisal from an insurance claims expert, we also pride ourselves on being unbeatable when it comes to price. We want to help individuals recover the money they are owed and we want insurance companies to get non-skewed diminished value appraisals from a reliable company. We want to help fight back against inaccurate “appraisals” from so-called “experts”.

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Get A Fair Value For Your Total Loss

total loss

Total loss settlement disputes are common. The value of your vehicle is very important to you, but it may not be as important to your insurance company or the insurance company of that guy or gal that hit your car and totaled it.

No matter how your vehicle became a total loss, there are some options available to you that most don’t know about. Petty Details will help you advocate for the best settlement on your claim.

The most common method of settling a dispute about the value of a vehicle is to employ the services of a non-interested professional. If the professional is truly non-interested and an expert, then their opinion should be based upon accepted appraisal methodology and proper education, training and experience.

Request a free consultation today and find out if our help can get you a better total loss settlement!


Is your Total Loss Value worth a fight?

total loss fight

Total loss offers routinely come in low.  How will you know unless you have the right expert behind you to help you fight the good fight?  At Petty Details, we make it our mission to help you understand your rights and the actions you can take to get your claim settled.  Are you getting a fair value?  Are you being overcharged for salvage?  Could you sell your salvage for more than what the insurance company is offering? Are you owed for loss of use?  We will answer all of those questions and more when you sign up for a FREE claim consultation.

What do you have to lose?  It’s FREE!  That’s right – no obligation,  just answers!

Just fill out the form over on the right and attach your vehicle valuation and leave the rest to us!  We will give you a call to make sure you understand your rights and how to fight for them. (Audience roar sound effect goes here) You can also call us to set up a free consultation at (214) 227-2154!


Total Loss Knowledge Base




Fight For Your Total Loss with our new ebook!

fight for your total lossSo the insurance company has decided to total your vehicle and they sent you a computer generated valuation report with an offer that seems WAY TOO LOW!  Unfortunately, that is the norm and not the exception when dealing with a total loss auto claim.

We have this conversation with people DAILY and have now taken the time to compile our best arguments in this total loss ebook called "Fight For Your Total Loss!  Issues with Insurance Company Total Loss Valuation Reports" so you know how it works from the inside when negotiating your total loss offer.

Use these tools and arguments to get the adjuster to re-evaluate their valuation and get closer to a number that is fair.  We don't give legal advice but we will make it our mission to shed light on your total loss claim and how to get the best settlement after your car has been totaled after a disaster or auto accident.

Get our best advice for the low price of $9.95 and make the most of your total loss claim with our brand new total loss ebook!  Just click the Buy Now button below to get this book today!

fight for your total loss ebook cover

Click the Buy Now button below to purchase this book for just $9.95!

Find answers to these issues and information on:

  • Formal Appraisals

  • Biased reports

  • Mileage Adjustments

  • Comparable vehicles

  • List vs. Take price

  • Options Adjustments

  • First party / Appraisal Clause Invocation

The advice we share in this total loss ebook has proven to be successful over and over again and, since our mission is to provide you with a value you can't find anywhere else, we know teaching you these insider tips will help you get the most out of your total loss settlement and get you on your way to moving on with your life!

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USPAP Market Value Appraisal

USPAP Market Value Appraisal


We review the claim for FREE!

Many insurance companies use a computer or a third party service to determine the value of your vehicle. Although these computers can sometimes get close to the fair market value, a close inspection of any of the reports will reveal that they do not use really comparable vehicles and they don’t explain their methodology. Additionally, there is no appraiser’s signature on the report, so who is one to inquire with when there is a discrepancy or mistake?

In addition to professionally documenting your loss with our market value appraisal, we will evaluate any documentation the insurance company has already provided you and tell you whether or not our services would be of value. Sometimes, we find that the insurance company has made a fair offer, believe it or not! Not all insurance companies are out to get you, but plenty are.

Can you tell the difference?

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fair market value


Appraisal Clause

Appraisal Clause


We review the claim for FREE!

Do you have a first party claim (against your own insurance company)?  Appraisal clause is the way to go!  This service includes the Total Loss report AND we negotiate the value of your claim for you.  This is a really helpful service if you have been through the ringer trying to negotiate your total loss and have gotten nowhere in the process.

If your claim is against your own insurance company, 99% of the time, if there is a dispute about the value of a claim then you have the right to invoke the “appraisal clause”.

Wanna learn more about the appraisal clause?  Click here for some free info!

Click Here to find out if you need to invoke the appraisal clause!

appraisal clause


Umpire Service

Umpire Service


Can’t get it settled?

The Umpire Service is for judges and appraisers who are involved in the appraisal clause process of a dispute between insured and insurer.  When Justin Petty steps in as an umpire, he takes it seriously.  He performs his services in an attempt to live up to our mission statement, “We are here to prove that paying attention to details and doing the right thing is the key to success in business and in life!”

When the appraisal clause is invoked, what is SUPPOSED to happen is this:  Each party (insurance company and policyholder) names an INDEPENDENT and COMPETENT appraiser. Then, the policyholder and the insurance company step out of the picture completely and let the appraisers attempt to settle the dispute about the amount of damages.  This means you should pick well when hiring an appraiser because they’re in charge once the appraisal clause is invoked.  If the two appraisers cannot come to an agreement as to the amount of the loss, an umpire must be named to resolve the stalemate.  The appraisers must agree on the umpire and if they cannot, then a judge in the appropriate jurisdiction will be petitioned to name an umpire.  Once the judge names an umpire or the appraisers agree on an umpire, then it is the umpire’s job to review all of the facts carefully and either convince the appraisers to agree,  agree with an appraiser or declare that the appraisal clause is a failure.

If the appraisal clause is successful, you will be waiting on your award check.  If it is unsuccessful, you will have to take the matter to court to continue the fight.

Click Here to find out more about our Umpire Service!

umpire service


Total Loss


Total Loss Hot Topics


Our free total loss claim consultation can make you money!

True stories about how our free total loss claim consultation can make you money!

total loss claimWe talk to a lot of people from day to day and many times, Justin has to tell people who call the hard truth that it might not be worth spending money but sometimes, with just that one call, he can help you make decisions that could make you money in the end!  There aren’t a lot of experts out there talking about total losses so Justin decided to share his experiences with some of our clients with you good people researching about how to get your total losses settled.

This is from one of our clients, Rosa.  Here is how the story started…

Rosa was one of the lucky ones who found us early and requested a free total loss claim consultation through our website and used the Ask The Experts feature to send us a question.  Here is was what she sent:

I have sent you the CCC Report from the insurance company, which seems to be about $1000 lower than what it should be for our vehicle (KBB valued our vehicle with mileage at $5141). In addition to the higher amount, I would like to know if it is fair to request that the adjuster also include a higher amount for the tires, as we just purchased a new set of (warrantied 60k) Michelin tires on 6-5-2015 for the amount of $626.63. If so, what is reasonable given the mileage on the tires is 2,457 miles?

Thank you.


Justin had an informative conversation with Rosa and explained all of her options but also explained that it wasn’t worth spending money on an appraisal on her case.  A previous total loss on the vehicle really put a kink in arguing well.  She understood and we sent her a sample demand letter to fight against the CCC on her own a little.

Rosa went to fighting on her own and then sent us this very kind message:

Dear Mr. Petty:

Fight for your total loss ebookI want to thank you for speaking with me and providing me your assessment of the insurance company’s 1st Offer based on CCC of $4136.75.

We did our homework on the internet for the market value of our vehicle and even though our vehicle had been totaled prior to my purchasing it in 2008, it was in excellent condition inside and out and had no mechanical issues out of the ordinary. We attached 2 proofs of comparable vehicles on 9/14/15, respectively $6632 and $6950. We kept it simple and to the point.

We were ready to go the distance if that became necessary. However, we’re glad they saw that there were just no vehicles in their price range as a comparable. (And if there were any, they were in very poor condition. Yes, we went to see a 2004 Honda Accord with leather for $4495 at a nearby car lot. One word: Terrible.)

The Claims Representative was out of the office until today. We are very happy with their Final Offer of $6,678.72. A full $2541.97 over their original offer.

Again, thank you as it kept us focused on achieving a fair and just settlement.

Rosa C.

A Free Total Loss Claim Consultation Really Does Help!

Melva called and she was trying to wade through the confusing weeks that follow a car accident  She was injured, stuck in limbo, and not sure if her car would be totaled or not.

Here is Melva’s story in her words:

total loss claim consultation

Hi Justin,

Better late than not at all! I just wanted to send my experience with the Odyssey auto accident and how you were my incredible blessing in spite of the hardship.

It has become really obvious in recent weeks the power of knowledge. After being in a rear end collision at the end of February, I was anxious, concerned, and worried about the damage to my vehicle and how this car would be handled, not to mention the physical aches and pains that emerged two days after the accident. I was in unknown territory and even felt like a foreigner in a new country who didn’t know the language of insurance and legal jargon related to an accident.

Questions that immediately followed the accident on a chilly evening as the sun was setting: How does this all work? Who did I need to call first? Will this situation be handled fairly? Am I really still going to be driving this damaged car again that had the whole hatchback caved in and windows busted out? All I knew to do without knowing the answers is to seek information my searching the web.

Fortunately, the call I made to an attorney led to an expert for property damage claims, Justin Petty. You could tell right away that he was caring, very knowledgeable, and really wanted to help people who are not familiar with the insurance world of car accidents. He talked with me over the next few days for about 3 hours combined for no charge. Justin empowered me like a blessing from heaven to know the answers. He coached me in what steps to take and in what order, what questions to ask, and how to fairly solve this problem with the best outcome. It took some grit on my part to stand up for my rights but I would have no rights if I had not gained the knowledge. Even though I experienced 13 weeks of physical therapy, the accident turned out to have a really great outcome with my car being totaled in the end and buying a new car that is bigger than the last car to ensure more safety.

Thank you Justin and Petty Details!



Want to see if we can help up the ante on your claim?


Insurance Company Won’t Total My Car

What if I want to total my vehicle but the insurance company refuses to total?

Frankly, I’m surprised that I don’t get asked the title question more often, but I know why I don’t.  Simply put, it is the dogmatic way insurance adjusters explain the total loss or repair process to accident victims.

From the onset of dealing with most adjusters, the tone is set by the adjuster that what they say is how it is.  Most simply TELL people how it is.  The art of negotiation is lost and with it, common sense.  This isn’t their fault; their supervisor told them how it was when they started and as they trained.  But don’t blame the supervisor because his manager told him how it was when he started.  But don’t blame the manager. . . you see where I am going with this?  It is a mindset drilled into adjusters that THEY are the ones that decide if a vehicle is totaled or not.  They are sadly mistaken.

So, listen, it is YOUR vehicle.  YOURS.  Not theirs.  YOU decide what to do with it, not them.  Remind them of this if you disagree with them.  Ask them whose name is on the title.  After you have cleared up the issue of ownership and ultimate control over the destiny of your vehicle, then you have to implement a plan to bring the destiny to reality.

insurance company refuses to total

Scenario #1: The insurance company refuses to total your car, but you don’t want it repaired.

What do you do?

Simple.  Call our office and we help you find out what a buyer will pay you for your wrecked and unrepaired vehicle.  If you know your own buyer, call them.  You’ll need photos and damage estimates to show the buyers (get these from the insurance company).  Once you know what the wrecked car is worth, you will have enough data to make the decision to either start looking for your new vehicle, or start dealing with the repair of your vehicle.

So to recap, if you don’t want to fix your vehicle, simply check your options out by calling us and finding out how much your wrecked car is worth.  We will review the case for free and make sure you have the data you need to make the decision that is in YOUR best interest, and not the best interest of the bank account of the insurance company.  If it’s better to repair, we’ll tell you the truth and help you with that, too.  We’ll make sure you know about the diminished market value and make sure you don’t overlook any other recovery you are entitled to.

Scenario #2: The insurance company and you both agree it is totaled, but you can’t agree about how much it is worth.

So in this scenario, the answer depends on whether you are dealing with your own insurance company (a contract dispute), or the other person’s (at fault driver’s) insurance company.  I’ll start with dealing with your own company. . . . . If you disagree with your own insurance company about the amount of your claim, then your only real option (outside of just great negotiation) is to invoke the appraisal clause of  your policy.  It’s funny how many people don’t know about the appraisal clause, even insurance adjusters and appraisers are many times in the dark.  The appraisal clause is an option that comes with a lot of ambiguity.  If you really want to fight using the appraisal clause, make sure the appraiser you choose knows his/her s*&!.  Insist upon talking directly to your appraiser and drill them good.  Make sure you are comfortable with them because if they know what they are doing, you will simply have to trust them to settle your claim for you, and you will be in the dark during the negotiation process (by requirement).  If you want more information about the appraisal clause process, call us.

Third-Party Claim Troubles?

fight for your total loss ebook cover

Just $9.95 – click here to download!

Now, if you are dealing with the at-fault party’s insurance company (a negligence claim), the process is governed by tort law.  This means, you would have to provide enough evidence to convince a court to pay you the amount you seek in a civil suit against the at fault party.  The insurance company will almost never agree with you about what a court would award you.  They like to TELL you how it is.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to prove the value of a motor vehicle in a court of law, you need a qualified expert appraiser and a formal appraisal prepared by them using known appraisal standards that can be duplicated, and that are generally accepted within the appraisal industry (not the insurance industry).  The cost of getting an appraisal from an expert varies (I charge $250), and when dealing with another person’s insurance company, there is no guarantee that getting an appraisal will change their mind about the value of your car.  In most cases, you have to be willing and able to get an appraisal, and sue the at fault person.  If you can do this, then many times, your case will settle in a mediation.

There is no ability to invoke any clause with somebody else’s insurance company because you don’t have any written agreement with their insurance company, you only have the right to recover damages from the person that caused them, and luckily they have insurance for that.  Remember you are dealing with a pending lawsuit when you are talking to an at fault party’s insurance company, and this will help you to understand the rules.  The rules are the law, not the insurance company’s internal claims handling policies.

Want to find out if we can help get your car totaled?


Rental Car On Total Losses – Can You Claim It?

Rental Car on Total Loss Claims in Texas

rental on total loss claimsBlogs are buzzing because in the recent Texas Supreme Court Case, J&D Towing LLC v. American Alternative Insurance Corporation 2016 WL 91201 (Tex. 2016), a major wrong that has been going on since before there were even cars was righted.

If you have never had the misfortune of dealing with a “total loss” claim, count yourself lucky!  If you have, you might have been in a situation where the insurance company for the person that hit you refused to pay for a rental car since your vehicle was totaled.  I can’t say how many times I have answered the phone and had to explain to accident victims that the law was not helpful when it came to loss of use or a rental car on total loss claims in Texas.  For the entirety of my adjusting career, the law said insurance companies didn’t have to pay for loss of use damages when a vehicle was “totally destroyed”.  I remember my supervisors telling me not to pay for loss of use or rental on totals.

It is just how it is.

Well, not anymore. 

fight for your total loss ebook coverIn a stroke of clarity, the Supreme Court pointed to logic when they made the decision.  They clarified that the current rule didn’t make sense, that it was “illogical” to suppose that the owner of a totaled vehicle (whether totally destroyed or not) suffers any less loss of use than the owner of a vehicle that is not totally destroyed, but repairable.

How about that?  A little logic for once.

If you have been the victim of an unfair total loss claim settlement that didn’t offer you loss of use, you might want to revisit the claim.

If you have been involved in an automobile collision, don’t forget to call our office to make sure you have all the information you need to get your claim settled the right way.


Total Loss Settlement Tips


What should you do when you are dealing with a total loss?  We get so many questions every day from people involved in an accident where their vehicle was totaled and they are now getting a low offer from the insurance company and just don’t know what to do next.  We always tell them that it is always a negotiation and that they have to fight and prove their points with the information we are revealing below today!  We put together some total loss settlement tips to get you moving in the right direction on your auto claim.

total loss settlement tips

Read below to find out our best total loss settlement tips and how to get your offer up just by taking the right steps and doing the right research!


1. Release your vehicle to the insurance company immediately upon their request.

This simple step will save you a lot of money in storage charges. If the insurance company is storing the vehicle, there are normally no charges, but if you leave the vehicle at a shop or tow yard, you will be responsible for the storage charges and they will be subtracted from your total loss settlement. Many people have concerns over this, but don’t worry, you are the owner of the vehicle, and the company can’t do anything to it except hold it until your property claim is resolved.

2. Request documentation on the calculated value of your vehicle.

This will be one of a few different things, depending on the company. Most companies use either “CCC” or “ADP” to evaluate the market value of your vehicle. If the company doesn’t use one of these programs, then they will most likely utilize N.A.D.A. split value as a starting point for your vehicle’s value. Remember, no matter what the initial total loss settlement offer is, you can negotiate it.

3. Don’t get upset!

After the insurance company has made an offer on your vehicle, they have the right to terminate rental. If you were in a rental car, the company will most likely advise you to turn it in, and that they will pay no more rental (regardless of whether their offer is fair).

4. Inquire about loss of use in lieu of rental.

Essentially, loss of use is a cash out option in lieu of rental car expenses. Sometimes, you can get both rental and loss of use.

5. Ask about diminution of value.

Depending on the State where your claim occurred, and whether your claim is a “First Party” or “Third Party” claim (see definition page), you may be entitled to a cash settlement for the actual or inherent loss of value in your vehicle due to it being involved in a crash, especially if you are retaining your vehicle.

6. Ask about registration fees.

You paid for your vehicle to be registered, so is there still time left on your sticker? Ask the insurance company to reimburse you for the unused portion of your registration. Also, ask them to pay for title transfer fees and applicable taxes if they don’t offer them up. Many companies will wait to see if you ask instead of paying what they owe.

7. Negotiate the salvage value.

If you want to keep your totaled vehicle, then the insurance company will estimate how much it would have brought at a salvage auction and reduce your claim by that amount. Essentially, there is a material damage specialist that is “guessing” about how much your wrecked vehicle will bring at auction. Call them out on the salvage value and request that they provide you with a salvage bid from a reputable auction/salvage company, or at least require that they provide documentation on how they arrived at the salvage value (should consist of a list of similarly wrecked vehicles and the price for which they sold at auction, then negotiate for the lowest amount).

8. Find out what you can get for your wrecked car!

We have relationships with buyers that are looking to buy your wrecked car!  Reach out to us and have the insurance company provide you with a few things to get a quote on what they will pay for your total loss:

– A damage estimate

– A Salvage Retention Offer from the insurance company

– Photos of the vehicle in its current condition exterior and interior (normally the insurance company can provide photos of the vehicle that they took upon inspection)

If you send that info to us, we can reach out to our buyer and get a quote for you.  The best vehicles to submit are newer model vehicles (2012 and up) but we can check on any vehicle you send!  You can reach us at to get more info any time on this option!

We have so much more advice to give but don’t want to overwhelm you in this article so……


 Fight for your total loss ebook

In our new ebook “Fight For Your Total Loss!”, we talk in depth about all of the issues you run into when dealing with a total loss settlement and the offers given by insurance companies.  We also provide you with steps you can take to fight against the low offers they routinely shell out to victims of auto accidents and are always here to give you a free claim consultation to discuss with one of the top experts in the field of auto insurance claims so you can get the answers you deserve and that many in the industry try to hide from you or lie to you about!

You can also get a FREE claim consultation to discuss your claim, all we need is a copy of the valuation you received so we can look it over and see if the offer you are getting is fair or downright dirty!


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diminished value ebook

In this FREE diminished value guide, we provide free resources and answer all of your questions about diminished value and how to pursue your claim.

Whether you are just starting your research or have gotten lost in the internet clutter, this guide will be the only thing you need to read to make your decision on whether to pursue your possible dv claim. Find answers to topics like: First Party vs. Third Party Claims, Getting a ballpark figure for Diminished Value, How to make a demand, How to find an expert and issues you may run into.  After reading, just request a free claim consultation from our website and we will tell you what we think your claim is worth at no cost or obligation to you!  We’ll make your life easier with answers all in one place at Petty Details!

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diminished value demandGet our expert help making your initial demand with our sample Diminished Value demand letter.  We have already figured out the right thing to say so take advantage of our knowledge and use our sample letter to get the process started on your claim.  We’ll go one step further – sign up for a free claim consultation and we’ll even tell you how much we think your claim is worth so you can make a demand that is right on the money!

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how much is my injury worthWe get questions all of the time on this subject so we decided to put it all into a book to make it easy on you!

Find out answers from an experienced insurance claims expert on how to determine how much you should be asking for when making an injury demand on your own claim.  Although we don’t give legal advice, folks with smaller injury claims find our information helpful to get their claim settled with as little hassle as possible!

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From the beginning of his career, Justin has specialized in unusual, complex and difficult-to-resolve insurance claims and damage scenarios. During his years as an insurance adjuster, management frequently called upon him to handle and resolve diminished value cases, subrogation cases, large losses, and special investigations involving fraud. Because of his inherent attention to details he excelled at and enjoyed the complex cases.

Before he became an independent appraiser, he was relied upon by three different multi-million dollar insurance carriers to audit and identify their recovery claims and then manage the recovery department. He created a formal recovery process along with the related best practices, and hired and directed all of the staff. He also created and employed tailored database management systems in order to maintain activity on high volumes of claims while tracking and reporting on the appropriate data metrics.

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Jen Petty

Sr. VP / Director of Marketing

Jen uses her creative prowess and thirst for knowledge to her advantage marketing our services to any and all who will listen. She also shines at customer service and has Justin’s back at all times to take care of our clients.


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