Property damage issues, whether they be your client or a third-party claimant, can be hard to resolve if you don’t have the right help!

We’re here to help you get the RIGHT numbers from the BEST experts to settle your claim efficiently and accurately so you can move on with your list!

Only the best adjusters, agents, appraisers and industry professionals have experts that give true help when it is needed to settle a claim.  Our appraisals can be relied upon to get the claim settled with REAL numbers on Diminished Value and Total Losses.

Using Petty Details as your property damage experts allows you to get real help solving even the trickiest auto property damage losses.  We are a value-added service for companies like yours who want to provide the very best service to their clients/claimants by choosing property damage consultants who maintain that same standard. 

Our appraisals are fair and accurate and assigning a case is as easy as clicking the proper button below to put us to work!

Full Diminished Value Appraisal: $350

Appraisal developed using Congressionally approved USPAP appraisal standards. * We need damage estimate for review. If car has under 10,000 miles, we also need a purchase invoice or window sticker.

*Prior Loss Assessment: $100

This is simply an additional charge to assess a prior loss when a prior damage history is known to exist or is revealed during the course of producing the appraisal or settling the claim. *Need prior loss and current damage estimate for review.

Fair Market Value / Total Loss Appraisal: $350

Appraisal developed using Congressionally approved USPAP appraisal standards to measure the market value of a vehicle. *Need valuation for review

Appraisal Clause Service:  $435

Is there a dispute on the value of your insured’s vehicle on a first party total loss claim (against their own insurance company)? 

If so, we can review the offer and evaluate if invoking the appraisal clause is a worthy option on their case.