Diminished Value On A Modern Collectible

2002 Chevy Camaro Special Anniversary Edition – $5,000 in DV!

Location: Dallas, Texas

Lisa had one heck of a fight on her hands after being wrecked into in her very cherished 2002 Chevrolet Camaro Special Anniversary Edition.  

She had taken careful care of her rare modern collectible vehicle and was not going to take less than she was owed when fighting for her diminished value.

Some Facts About Lisa’s Camaro

We had to do extensive research on Lisa’s Chevy Camaro to find the real lost value she sustained because there were so many factors to consider.  We relied on historical data on the Camaro and personal interviews with dealers and collectors to gather information.

Our research indicated the color of a Camaro is very important in its collectible value. The Camaro is a muscle sports car, and undoubtedly RED is the most desirable color for collectors, and RED with racing stripes is arguably more collectible. The 2002 Camaro is not so rare, but the Red 2002 Camaro SS, SLP Automatic, commemorative anniversary edition with racing graphics and center mounted exhaust boasting higher than average horsepower of 345, is hard to find.

Fighting in Small Claims Court

Lisa had to take her diminished value claim all the way to small claims court and used our guidance and experience to learn the ropes in order to represent herself.  

She had a LONG fight going back and forth with corporate attorneys and the nuances of small claims court that sometimes take pro se litigants by surprise.  She ended up settling just a day before her court date and was ecstatic to get a $5,000 check in the mail for her diminished value.  It was a long road but she fought and got her diminished value claim settled by not giving up!

We work with accident victims, attorneys, body shops and other professionals all over the US to help prove diminished value and get settlement with professional expert help. Not just anybody can produce a credible and professional report AND help with navigating the claims process to conclusion.

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