Audi A6 Diminished Value Success in Dallas!

2012 Audi A6 Quattro Premium Plus – $7300 win after ONE PHONE CALL!

LOCATION: Dallas, Texas

Scott’s Audi A6 Diminished Value case is the kind we love to talk about! After an auto accident, he was lucky enough to have a professional on his side in the repair industry who mentioned diminished value to him and sent him our way.  

We took a look at his case and he was definitely owed a substantial amount of diminished value on his clean 2012 Audi A6 Quattro Premium Plus and hired us after a quick consultation.

Audi A6 Diminished Value win – Settlement After ONE PHONE CALL!

We inspected Scott’s Audi and found that he was owed around $7300 and that’s no chump change folks!  He submitted our USPAP diminished value appraisal and had to be patient while his adjuster was out on vacation.

After waiting a week, he and Justin called the insurance company together to discuss our appraisal and the insurance company agreed on the full amount on our report!  

After one call!

When you hire a trusted expert to be on your side, especially after a referral from a repair pro, you are likely to end up with a fair settlement with a little follow up and fight.  

They don’t all settle as easy as Scott’s did but we are here whether it is easy or hard.

Even when you get a denial initially, adjusters will often start offering something if you can provide the right argument.  

Scott can attest to the fact that reasonable adjusters DO exist and settle their claims ethically and fairly.

We work with accident victims, attorneys, body shops and other professionals all over the US to help prove diminished value and get settlement with professional expert help.  

Not just anybody can produce a credible and professional report AND help with navigating the claims process to conclusion. 

Want your shot at a diminished value success story?

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