Aston Martin Diminished Value – BIG WIN!

2007 Aston Martin Vantage – $14,000 in Diminished Value!

Location: Dallas, Texas

Shane is an attorney so he was well aware that diminished value was owed to him after he was hit in his 2007 Aston Martin Vantage.

He definitely had an advantage when it came to negotiating his claim but he did rely on our knowledge and highly technical report to prove that his loss was substantial despite the fact that his luxury car was repaired perfectly by the best in Dallas.  

He knew that his Aston Martin diminished value claim was going to run pretty high but he had to prove it!

Aston Martin – Diminished Value on a Luxury Vehicle

Luxury car buyers are much less likely to buy a used car that has been in an accident and any dealership that takes the car as a trade-in will not sell it without a HUGE discounted selling price.  

We talk to dealers all of the time and they agree across the board that a luxury vehicle with a mark on its accident history takes a beating when it comes to the value.  Most dealerships claim that they won’t even take the car if it has an accident history but we find that generally they do take them but you take the hit when the deal is done.  

Shane proved this using our extensive research and he got a check for a little over $14,000 – the full amount he demanded!

As they always say, word of mouth is the best advertisement – Shane now tells everyone he finds that needs help with diminished value about Petty Details!

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We work with accident victims, attorneys, body shops and other professionals all over the US to help prove diminished value and get settlement with professional expert help.  

Not just anybody can produce a credible and professional report AND help with navigating the claims process to conclusion. 

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