California Diminished Value Win!

2011 Audi S5 Prestige

LOCATION: Roseville, California

Jason lives in California and he dealt with the normal slow paced adjuster and the holiday rush while trying to get his diminished value claim on his 2011 Audi S5 settled and he hired us after the insurance company told him they needed expert proof to pay diminished value.  

That is where we stepped in and did what we do best:  we did our research gave guidance and support to our client throughout his claim!

Playing the Waiting Game

Dealing with a claim in general is stressful, but dealing with a claim at the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday can drag on and on if you don’t stay on top of it!  Jason dealt with delay after delay on his claim due to holiday vacations and lack of response from the adjuster.  

He held strong and was the “squeaky wheel” and finally got his settlement of $8600.00 paid at just under our opinion of $9600.00.

Having the right expert behind you to prove your diminished value is the ONLY way to get settlement so make sure you do your research and find the right one….

Oh look! You’ve already found them!  

We work with accident victims, attorneys, body shops and other professionals all over the US to help prove diminished value and get settlement with professional expert help.  Not just anybody can produce a credible and professional report AND help with navigating the claims process to conclusion. 

Ask us for a free consultation today and we will drill down on the details of your claim to arm you with the knowledge you need to get your claim settled.

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