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2013 Kia Sorento Diminished Value Award: $3,000!
Diminished Value on an Infiniti G37 – Award of $7500!
2012 Audi A6 Diminished Value Success!
Chevy Malibu Diminished Value Award – $1000!
Honda CRV Diminished Value Success!
Fiat Diminished Value Success
Ford Mustang Diminished Value Claim Won $7,000!
2013 BMW Diminished Value Award – $9,000!
Ford Expedition Diminished Value – Awarded $9K!
Volkswagen Eos Komfort Diminished Value – $6400!
Chevy Diminished Value Success – $3800!
$3,400 – Infiniti Diminished Value Claim Success!
Luxury Vehicle Diminished Value – Aston Martin won $14,000!

We are helping folks from sea to shining sea with successes in New York, Washington, California, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Indiana and many more that we haven’t even posted success stories on yet!

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