This page was created to help you put your insurance carrier and the at-fault insurance carrier on notice that you have out-of-pocket losses that you are claiming.

Use the directions below to send notice via email to the main claims email or your adjuster’s email with the claim number in the subject line. If you have an email that was created specifically for your claim, use that email.

Sample language to send to YOUR insurance company:

Attn:  Claims/Subrogation Department:

Please be advised that my out-of-pocket expenses and damages have not been paid.  Because I have not yet been made whole, please refrain from attempting to exercise any right of recovery at this time. 

Please advise in writing that your office will not seek any recovery until I am made whole.


Sample language to send to the AT FAULT insurance company:

Attn:  Claims Dept:

Please be advised that I have out of pocket expenses that are not covered by my collision policy. Because I have not been made whole, my insurance company’s right of recovery (subrogation rights) have not yet accrued and they cannot legally recover any funds. Your office should refuse to acknowledge any subrogation demand until such time that I am made whole.

Because your office is on written notice of this fact, any payment made to my carrier to satisfy illegal subrogation demands will be treated by me as an act of criminal collusion.

Please acknowledge this correspondence in writing as soon as possible.


You should send those notices off to the proper carriers to protect your right of recovery if there is an impending limits issue so the limits aren’t exhausted by your carrier’s subrogation (recovery) efforts. Feel free to cc our admin email so we can put those in your file!