Total loss settlement disputes are common.

The value of your vehicle is very important to you, but it may not be as important to your insurance company or the insurance company of that guy or gal that hit your car and totaled it.  Find out the answers you need with our free total loss claim consultation.

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No matter how your vehicle became a total loss, there are some options available to you that most don’t know about. They will help you to advocate for the best settlement on your total loss. The most common method of settling a dispute about the value of a vehicle is to employ the services of a non-interested professional. If the professional is truly non interested and an expert, then their opinion should be based upon accepted appraisal methodology and proper education, training and experience.  We go in depth in our free total loss claim consultation to find out the real facts behind your claim!

Appraisal Clause

If your claim is against your own insurance company, then 99% of the time, if there is a dispute about the value of a claim, then you have the right to invoke the “appraisal clause”. Because the amounts in dispute are typically under $10,000.00, most insurance companies don’t even train their claims staff about the appraisal clause.  I know – I was an adjuster for over a decade and NOT EVEN ONCE was the appraisal clause mentioned.  If you invoke the appraisal clause, you can bet that you will be dealing with a claims representative that has no clue what they are doing (if you’re an adjuster that thinks you know better, prove it).  I educate adjusters and insurance carriers every week about this little known right that their insureds have and fight to level the playing field and keep the insurance company “honest”.  If you invoke the appraisal clause and your insurance company refuses to name an independent, unbiased, impartial appraiser, call me!!  I will refer you to an attorney that will help you assert your right to be treated fairly by your own insurance company.

Finding The Right Help

If your claim is against the insurance company of another person, then you can still get a professional appraisal to help with the negotiation of your claim, but you’ll have to present your evidence properly and there will be no appraisal clause language in effect, so it will really be important to present strong evidence to compel the insurance company to settle with you. Our reports will document every aspect of your vehicle’s fair market value and make the negotiation process easy.

Many insurance companies use a computer or a third party service to determine the value of your vehicle. Although these computers can sometimes get close to the fair market value, a close inspection of any of the reports will reveal that they do not use really comparable vehicles and they do not explain their methodology. Additionally, there is no appraiser’s signature on the report, so who is one to inquire with when there is a discrepancy or mistake?

In addition to professionally documenting your loss, we will also evaluate any documentation the insurance company has already provided you and tell you whether or not our services would be of value. Sometimes, we find that the insurance company has made a fair offer, believe it or not! Not all insurance companies are out to get you, but plenty are.

Sometimes, we find that the insurance company has made a fair offer, believe it or not! Not all insurance companies are out to get you, but plenty are.

Can you tell the difference?

Don’t just give your credit card out to any so-called “expert”!  Do your research and ask the hard questions.  As a matter of fact, you can find the hard questions here!

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