Fight For Your Total Loss!

So the insurance company has decided to total your vehicle and they sent you a computer generated valuation report with an offer that seems WAY TOO LOW!

Unfortunately, that is the norm and not the exception when dealing with a total loss auto claim.  We have this conversation with people DAILY and have taken the time to compile our best arguments in this book called “Fight For Your Total Loss!  Issues with Insurance Company Total Loss Valuation Reports” so you know how it works from the inside when negotiating your total loss offer.

If you are dealing with someone else’s carrier who has give you a low offer on your total loss and you don’t have your own full coverage insurance to file a claim through, this ebook IS the best help you can get.

You can use the tools and arguments in this guide to hopefully persuade the adjuster to re-evaluate their valuation and get closer to a number that is fair.  We don’t give legal advice but we will surely shed some light on your total loss claim on this ebook and will explain how to get the best settlement after an auto accident.

Since we can’t help on a total loss claim against someone else’s carrier in any way except to charge for a market value appraisal (which is only economical in specialty situations or for a pending trial), we are offering this FREE ebook in lieu of our consultation to give you the best help we can possibly give you by not take up your time filling out a long form. 🙂

Get our best advice for to make the most of your total loss claim!

Find answers to these issues and information on:

Formal Appraisals

Biased Reports

Mileage Adjustments

Comparable Vehicles

List vs. Take price

Options Adjustments

The Appraisal Clause option and it’s power

    The advice we share in this ebook has proven to be successful over and over again and since our mission is to provide you with a value you can’t find anywhere else, we know teaching you these insider tips will help you get the most out of your total loss settlement and get you on your way to moving on with your life!

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