Do you need an attorney after an auto accident?

Answer the question for yourself!

Let me start by saying that some people never need an attorney, and others will always need an attorney.

Additionally, this article is based on my 15 years of claims adjusting experience. I have developed a simple little formula that will help you decide if you need an attorney or not. Keep in mind, this quiz is tailored for auto accidents only, and I make no warranties or guarantees that your result is a foolproof answer.

Ultimately, the only person that can decide if you need an attorney is you.

With that being said, simply answer the following 15 questions and then add up your answers. All of these questions are yes or no questions. Whatever answer you have the most of is your answer to the title of this article.

So, do you need an attorney after an auto accident?

1.   Is your automobile newer than a 2010 model?

2.   Is your vehicle one of the following – a Lexus, BMW, Mercedes or Audi, Range Rover or other luxury vehicle?

3.   Are you younger than 35 years old?

4.   Did you take an ambulance to the emergency room from the scene of the accident?

5.   Were there any witnesses (other than your passengers, friends or family members) that saw the accident occur?

6.   Was the accident someone else’s fault?

7.   Were there more than two vehicles involved in the accident?

8.   Did you or any of your passengers bleed as a result of the accident?

9.   Have you had 2 or less auto accidents in your lifetime?

10. Have you already filed a claim and spoken with an insurance adjuster?

11.  Did you lose any time from work as a result of the accident?

12.  Do you believe that staff adjusters at an insurance company are paid to settle claims for as low of an amount as possible?

13.  If you suffered $5000.00 in damages to your vehicle, didn’t take an ambulance, but did incur over $2000.00 at a chiropractor’s office, do you believe your total claim is worth at least $10000.00?

14.  Do you agree that it is true that when a vehicle sustains damages to its frame, it should be totaled?

15.  Do you agree that even a low speed rear-end impact can cause a low back disc herniation?

Okay, so I hope you wrote your answers down.  If you didn’t, go back and write them down this time :).

Now, just add up the yes’s and no’s. Whichever answer has the highest number is the answer to the question: “Do you need an Attorney?”.  

We work with tons of attorneys in several states so you should talk to us….if you do need one, we can surely point you in the right direction!

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