January 4, 2016 Justin Petty

Soft Tissue Injury – Calculate the Value!

soft tissue injury

Neck and back sore? You might have a soft tissue injury.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, the chances are you may suffer some discomfort and pain in your neck and back. If you don’t have a severe injury, then what is most likely is that you have what they call a ” soft tissue injury “. Essentially, the physics involved with two vehicles colliding is what has caused this. Inertia, you know? A soft tissue injury is hard to detect with conventional medical equipment. X-rays will not show a muscle sprain or strain. This is the problem with a soft tissue injury, it is hard to document. So, if you have a one, then what is the pain and suffering worth?

Many people would say that there is no dollar amount you can put on someone’s physical pain and suffering, but insurance adjusters and “adjusting software” do it every day. What are you supposed to expect in the way of actual money from the insurance company for the person that caused the accident and your soft tissue injury? There have been many books written about the subject and they all fail in a couple of areas.

  1. They do not actually tell you how to calculate your estimated injury settlement. Most of the e-books out there on this subject make statements like “every injury is different”, “some people’s pain and suffering is different than others”, “depending on your circumstances”, and so forth. These statements are needed to make people aware of the diverse way in which a claim may be settled, but just making these statements and not going into detail about what circumstances, what kind of people, and what types of injuries demand higher settlements, is cheating the book purchaser.
  2. No follow-up availability. So since every claim is different, how can anybody put into a book all of the scenarios and values? They can’t! Along with injuries, people and circumstances being different, juries are also different. Providing a live person to answer some basic questions for free is a valuable asset to an e-book about how much injury claims should be worth.

how much is my injury worthIn nearly 15 years of claims adjusting, I have handled claims of just about every type – from fatalities to soft tissue injuries. The methodology for determining the value of the injury is always the same. In my e-book, I reveal the methodologies that are incorporated into every injury adjuster’s, and every computer program’s procedure for determining an injury value as it relates to the pain and suffering portion. The goal of downloading a book that is supposed to tell you what your injury claim is worth should be to give the consumer a dollar amount that they can use to negotiate their settlement. By utilizing standard methodologies and describing some common accident injury scenarios, I have developed a formula and specific method for the victim to use. The adjuster has these tools, so why shouldn’t you?

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