How do I know you’re a true diminished value expert ?

You can’t! You have to have a little bit of trust in your gut.

You  have to talk to the expert and come up with the hard questions to see how they handle them!  Ask about small claims, ask about phone calls to the adjuster after the report has been submitted.  Don’t hire someone who will take your money, write you a report and then SCRAM!  Lots of guys just tell their clients they have to get an attorney if they get a denial and that is simply NOT TRUE!  For the smaller claims, it is impossible to find that kind of help from an attorney because it just isn’t worth it to them.  We take up the slack in that area and consult with accident victims throughout the process so they walk away with their diminished value claim settled!

We are the real deal, believe it or not. Our founder has over 17 years experience evaluating property damages, making us uniquely qualified to handle even the most difficult and complex of damage scenarios with ease. Our services help settle property damage disputes daily and are used by attorneys and individuals alike. Let us give you a free claim consultation and you decide for yourself whether or not we’re experts.

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