policy excludes diminished valueThere’s always the possibility that your policy excludes diminished value.

The Insurance Services Office approved language for an exclusion to be included in personal auto policies that relates directly to diminished value.

Another common denial is that the insurance company will claim that they “don’t pay diminished value”.  We find that whether diminished value is paid is really up to a judge and jury if that is what it takes so sometimes you have to be willing to fight, fight, fight!  You have the burden to prove your case and that is why you need the best diminished value expert on your side.  The twists and turns can sometimes be confusing and shut down a lot of claims if the victim doesn’t have the right help.


Ask for a copy of your policy and review it with a diminished value expert (like us!) to determine whether or not you want to pursue a diminished value claim. We give free claim consultations all the time, and normally for free (depending on circumstances).

Want our help finding the answers?  Request a free claim consultation to discuss your claim in depth.

You can download our free diminished value guide today for many of the answers you need all in one place.


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